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  1. EuSouAFazenda

    SM OU I got a new personal best on the ladder with F.E.A.R. Trick Room - Togedemaru Yeet.

    So, I usualy stay around 1200 on the ladder, but today something special happened: I hit 1300! Sadly I hit it with this team that I call Togedemaru Yeet. It's the stupidest idea ever: Trick Room F.E.A.R. Yes. Trick Room F.E.A.R. It does have some logic behind it; the F.E.A.R. set I'm using...
  2. EuSouAFazenda

    SM OU Ive discovered how to make an usable Aron team. Its Stall.

    How Aron Works This section is for those who dont know how aron is used and why it should. Firstly, its amazing. A fear that can be re-used. With Shell Bell and Sturdy, it can go back to 100% health if it gets hit. However, it must be on 100% Hp. This means no direct switch-ins, no multi-hit...
  3. EuSouAFazenda

    SM OU Balanced Aron team

    Introduction Aron is a fantastic pokémon. Its a fear? Yes. But its more than a simple fear. Aron uses its ability to survive the hit. Most others use a focus sash. What this means? Simple: he can run shell bell. Shell bell is magical here. What it does, is that if you directly damage your...
  4. EuSouAFazenda

    SM OU Balanced Masquerain's Gang. Yup.

    Yes, yours are seeing it right. BALANCED MASQUERAIN'S GANG This team is about Masquerain setting Sticky Web so that Mega Herracross can give a lot of damage. Simple? ...yea. Heracross-Mega @ Heracronite Ability: Skill Link EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Pin Missile - Rock...
  5. EuSouAFazenda

    Profiles Profile: EuSouAFazenda

    Trainer Name: EuSouAFazenda Pokemon Team: Remoraid, Maractus Currency Counters: 0 Universal Counters: 0 Items: 1 Lucky Egg, 1 Amulet Coin and 1 Exp Share. Key Items: Prize Claims:
  6. EuSouAFazenda

    SM OU Black Hole Aron

    Black Hole Aron This team is made around the fact that, during a sandstorm, aron can destroy almost anything. He uses endeavor, the oponent Hp goes to 1 (or 12), then sandstorm kills. Aron gets hit, shell bell cures. Of course, there are lots of holes in this strategy. Status. Entry Hazard...
  7. EuSouAFazenda

    SM OU Claydoll-Lead balanced

    Introduction Claydoll dosnt sound like the best lead, but can work, and can give good damage to some of the most common leads of the tier (based on the usage stats: ). This team is based around him. Pokémon 1: Claydoll. Claydol @ Focus...
  8. EuSouAFazenda

    SM OU Sharpedo, Mimikyu and Scyther: OU Balanced Team

    The first thing I did for this team, even before I choosened one pokémon, was defining the playstile. And one thing was right in my mind: If a pokémon KOs another pokémon, then he did its job and the rest is simply helping the next pokémon KO another. This may look like Hiper-Offese, but...
  9. EuSouAFazenda

    Whats your favorite music?

    Mine is "Patolino, O Mago". Its a portuguise version of "Dafy Duck: The Wizard". Heres a link: "Contemplem o mago Com seus poderes Incríveis podereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Sob o olhar do necromante, A escada prateada vai se erguer. As pessoas maravilhadas com seus olhos cheios de poder! Comida...