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  1. flarz

    Tyranitar (Doubles) [QC 1/2]

    RAWR XD [OVERVIEW] Tyranitar has a monstrous Attack stat and even a decent Special Attack stat as well as great coverage. These things pool together to make it a great attacker. Its dark typing is useful for checking things such as Cresselia and Aegislash, but also hinders it with its...
  2. flarz

    Doubles Doubles General Discussion Thread

    approved by Hulavuta yay omg happy fun times Doubles is a really a whole new world from the more popular 3v3 singles format. It takes a different level of thinking to come up with a team that can effectively have positive or at least neutral matchups with lots of the common cores. That...
  3. flarz

    VGC 17 Gengar

    [OVERVIEW] * Gengar's great typing gives it a coveted Fairy-type resistance and, on top of that, it is immune to all Normal-type attacks. This makes it excellent to switch-in to Fake Out. * Its main role in the metagame comes from its combination of great Speed, strong yet consistent STAB...
  4. flarz

    Battle Spot Cresselia (Doubles)

    [OVERVIEW] *Cresselia is a staple of the Battle Spot Doubles format and one of its best tanks with its insane 120/120/130 defenses. *It has a great ability in Levitate, making it immune to all Ground-type moves thusmaking it a great switch-in to Landorus-T and other Tectonic Rage users. *With...
  5. flarz

    [Weekly] Battle Spot Challenge Thread!

    approved by Hulavuta It's easy to ladder Battle Spot with a team of something standard. But how hard is it when you have to use a less-common Pokemon to ladder with? That's what these challenges are for - to separate the boys from the men. Week 1 Challenge For this week's challenge, it's just...
  6. flarz

    Pokemon Showdown! Battle Spot Ladder Challenge #2

    Hello! Hello! Hello! Recently, I talked with CoolStoryBrobat about having a second ladder challenge for PS!'s Battle Spot Room. (Credit goes to MythTrainerInfinity for originally making up this challenge back in season 4.) As you may know, the previous ladder challenge took place on Showdown's...
  7. flarz

    Pokemon Showdown! Battle Spot Ladder Reset

    I know it happened like 3 or 4 days ago, but I wanted to post an official alert. There's really not much to say about this except the ladders have been changed from XY Battle Spot to just Battle Spot. If you haven't laddered in the past few days, you might wanna get on it
  8. flarz

    Sylveon (reassigned)

    Sylveon QC: 0/2 Overview ######## +Great 130 Special Defense, backed by 95 Hit Points. +Pure Fairy-typing allows for great resistances. +Pixilate boosts the power of moves such as Hyper Voice, Hyper Beam, and Quick Attack +Great defensive moovepool -Has a mediocre 65 Defense stat -Is...
  9. flarz

    Pokemon Showdown! Battle Spot Room Tournament

    Hello! The upper staff of Pokemon Showdown's Battle Spot Room have decided to host a tournament! We're giving out prizes all throughout the tourney, (I'm even giving raffle mons) so try and do your best to get the best mons! Battle Spot Tournament Team Currently, these are the people who will...
  10. flarz

    3v3 Hazard Discussion

    We have all expiremented with hazards before, don't lie. While not as good as they are in the 6v6 meta, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web can have their niche. This thread is basically to discuss what those niches maybe and how we can use these moves to our advantage! Be sure to...