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  1. HelenTheHero

    The Dragon Cave Thread

    So some of you may of already heard of Dragon Cave. If you haven't, here's a brief summary. Dragon Cave is an adoptables site where you collect dragon eggs. You put them in your signature and then the eggs will hatch into hatchlings, and eventually become adults. Eggs and Hatchlings collect...
  2. HelenTheHero

    Rewind 2015

    Rewind 2015 is here! I personally think this is the best after 2013, because finally the gamers are represented! We have Markipiler, pretty sure CaptainSparklez, in fact that entire scene was gamers. Which I love. I think they did a good job, even with the small amount of good viral videos for...
  3. HelenTheHero

    Discussion of the Pokemon Company Survey

    As some of you may know, the Pokemon company launched a survey asking questions such as, "How do you learn about a new Pokemon game?" and "Which of the following Megas do you like the design of, choose 3." and so on. Now, why would they make a survey? What did you chose for answers you can...
  4. HelenTheHero

    The Cutest Sprites and Models

    We have a worst Pokemon sprites thread, but I thought, what about those sprites or models that just get you so excited because they are so ADORABLE! One of my favorites is probably Spheal. It's so cute! Spheal is adorable on its own, but this sprite makes...
  5. HelenTheHero

    ARK Survival Evolved

    I'm sure that at least a few of you have heard or played this new game, ARK Survival Evolved. If not, it's survival with dinosaurs added to the mix. I've played it for a while, so I thought I would see if anyone else played! Feel free to discuss news about ARK, the best strategies, or just what...
  6. HelenTheHero

    Other My First Battle Spot Team

    So, this is the team I use in the Battle Spot on Showdown, it's won a few in Anything Goes but I think I need some help improving for the Battle Spot. Thanks! Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Iron Barbs EVs: HP 116, Atk 20, Def 148, SpD 224 Moves: Protect, Power Whip, Gyro Ball, Thunder Wave...