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  1. Decem

    Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion

    My thoughts on the metagame so far; Let's start with Ghost. Dragapult is honestly really good for the type, considering its natural speed and offensive presence is great for Ghost teams that have the ability to run offense effectively with it this generation. While yes, it doesn't have the best...
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    Metagame OU Metagame Discussion

    It was a bug but it’s fixed now. Neither are usable yet as both of the hidden abilities are unreleased.
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    decems doodles

    thing i drew @ school
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    OU Room Premier League III - Sign Ups Thread

    Username: Decem Tiers played: , Timezone: GMT -8 Availability: Pretty free bar school
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    Resource Monotype Sample Teams

    Spoke to Chaitanya on discord and added the last teams, this is now done. See you all in gen 8.
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    Project Monotype Teambuilding Workshop V2

    RottenInfernape Infernape @ Electrium Z Ability: Iron Fist EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Thunder Punch - Flare Blitz - Close Combat - Swords Dance Cobalion @ Mental Herb Ability: Justified EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Thunder Wave - Stealth Rock - Iron Head -...
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    Metagame [Spoilers] Monotype Generation 8 Pre-Release Discussion

    Chances are it'll be nice on Ice and probably ok (?) on Water. It's the only available Gigantamax form that Ice has access to and getting reduced damage for five turns sounds like a really neat side effect. For the record, Lapras is fine on SM Ice as a Choice Specs user, though I wouldn't call...
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    Metagame [Spoilers] Monotype Generation 8 Pre-Release Discussion To my amazement it turns out Cinderace actually gets an ability that changes it's typing based on the move its going to use, Libero, which is basically Protean. As we know from our good but disincluded friend Greninja, Protean like abilities are extremely good when it...
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    Metagame [Spoilers] Monotype Generation 8 Pre-Release Discussion

    Bug seems to be one of the borderline unviable types this generation. Losing its Rapid Spin, mega evolutions, Volcarona, along with Scizor is huge as they were all reasons it was viable in SM. I think Ground, Dark, Ghost, Water, and Dragon all have potential in this generation as they all have a...
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    decems doodles

    Eng fkn sucks
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  12. Decem is a better tank is a better tank
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    decems doodles

    Fun with expo markers :blobwizard:
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    decems doodles

    Welcome to my art thread. I’ve done traditional for most of my life and im hoping to get better at digital art, but I’m not too good at it atm since it’s harder to pilot vs pencil / pen and paper imo. Anyway I’mgonna start off with some recent junk. I’ll try to post here decently often to try to...
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    Project Favorite Sets of USUM Monotype

    Most of my sets are from the current metagame since I only learned how to build correctly later when USM stabilized. But anyways, here are some sets I've liked particularly in this generation, thank you Tapo Collino for hosting this. Heracross-Mega @ Heracronite Ability: Moxie EVs: 252 Atk /...
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     Smeargle's First Summer Secret Santa!

    I like it a lot especially since Sableyes one of my favorite ghosts! :blobwizard:
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    tuesday night sounds fine

    tuesday night sounds fine
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    hi esm, we play for uu majors and im free evenings california time, lmk when ur free

    hi esm, we play for uu majors and im free evenings california time, lmk when ur free