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  1. tommytt22

    Metagame Trademarked

    i only have one reply at the moment showing this but wish seems to be bugged, its happened a few times and idk where its going, check turn 14-15 Whitephoenixace
  2. tommytt22

    Metagame Godly Gift

    Just starting to climb out of lower ladder, around 1320 i think. I think i got top 10 in gen 6 but i didn't realise how much i'd miss and need to catch up on with a few years absence. God started off as rayquaza and the power was nice. Real offensive team. At the time the attack slot was that...
  3. tommytt22

    Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    godly gift, 350 cup, scalemons, natureswap
  4. tommytt22

    Metagame Benjamin Butterfree

    idk if this has been asked, but how do z crystals work? it says if an item has been consumed it wont appear on the devolution but z crystals dont go away after they have be consumed and cannot be knocked off
  5. tommytt22

    Metagame Nature Swap [OM of the Month]

    Meme master presents: anti shuckle lead Rampardos @ Choice Scarf Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 252 SpA / 224 SpD / 32 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Earth Power / Ancient Power - Ice Beam - Fire Blast / Flamethrower - Thunderbolt / Surf Tbh he wont get a whole lot done other than...
  6. tommytt22

    Metagame Tier Shift

    I'm not here to claim these sets are revolutionary. To be honest they're decent at best. They are a lot of fun though, especially that eevee set, no one prepares for an eevee when teambuilding. Whimsicott is as annoying as ever, ruining setup sweepers by locking them into a setup move with...
  7. tommytt22

    Metagame Tier Shift

    I'm back after 6 months absence. And I'm annoyed at myself for getting addicted to pokemon showdown. Again. Anyway, the last time I played this it was called extreme tier shift which was a long time ago, so I'll drop a few sets and see what people think of them. Ability: Intimidate EVs: 252...
  8. tommytt22

    Metagame Camomons

    I've been away for a long time. Probably haven't touched showdown in like 3 months to focus on school, but I'm back and severely out of practise. Thought i would drop a few sets just to get them judged, like i said, I'm out of practise and I haven't played this metagame before so they might not...
  9. tommytt22

    Metagame Pokébilities

    Posting a core for Why Nerdy Since I've spent the last week pouring my heart out about buzzwole, I won't go into depth about why he is my first choice. Pretty uncommon and a great choice to beat conkeldurr and excadrill (if he ever comes back), among other physical threats. This paves...
  10. tommytt22

    Metagame Pokébilities

    Its come to my attention that I have said buzzwole counters azumarill. I used that term a bit too loosely and in reality buzzwole can check azumarill in certain situations, such as when its locked into anything other than play rough on choice band sets, or if wole has a bulk up under its belt...
  11. tommytt22

    Metagame Pokébilities

    +2 252+ Atk Life Orb Sand Force Excadrill Iron Head vs. 232 HP / 252+ Def Buzzwole in Sand: 285-335 (69 - 81.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after sandstorm damage +2 252+ Atk Life Orb Sand Force Excadrill Rock Slide vs. 232 HP / 252+ Def Buzzwole in Sand: 179-212 (43.3 - 51.3%) -- 5.9% chance to 2HKO...
  12. tommytt22

    Metagame Pokébilities

    You forgot to mention buzzwole, which can completely counter excadrill barring flinches and stall out sand turns with roost or bulk up and become physically invincible. I made a post about him a while back, (probably on page 3 or 4) but he seems to have slipped completely under the radar...
  13. tommytt22

    Metagame Pokébilities

    Hey guys I'm new to this meta and I'm having a bit of trouble with conkeldurr. From what I've seen the best way to counter him would be physically defensive buzzwole, but i don't know how well that works in practise, given its lack of recovery (buzzwole gets roost, thank god) and the absence of...
  14. tommytt22

    BH Balanced Hackmons

    what is the suspect on? it says there is one on the simulator but it hasn't been announced yet as far as i can see
  15. tommytt22

    SM OU So Close...

    Thanks for the tips, i forgot about landorus and he is actually a great idea. Changing to quagsire should be fine because gastrodon dies to a solar beam anyway, ill just have to find a switch in to zard-y. Maybe scarf heatran or something.
  16. tommytt22

    SM OU So Close...

    Since the Metagame has settled (at least slightly), I thought I would try out a laddering team, but its just too weak to a few common threats so I've come here to get the community's help! In case it isn't obvious, I really struggle with Greninja, Charizard-y, Charizard-x after a ddance...
  17. tommytt22

    Other Metagames [BH] Breakthrough (Record 18-0)

    Contrary mewtwo can be fun to use but this set right here is one of the best sets in BH right now. Psychic surge blocks priority and allows you to ohko pretty much everything bar dark types with genesis supernova. It even murders max special defense zygarde, which is nice because the only other...
  18. tommytt22

    Other Metagames Mix and Mega trial

    Hello everyone, this is my first team post outside of OU, and i'd love some help with my new mix and mega team. I have plenty of good MNM teams (I was in the top 100 on the ladder in oras) but i wanted to try including some ubers in my team this time instead of just giving everything mega...
  19. tommytt22

    BH Balanced Hackmons

    Ok i wasn't aware of how the mechanics worked i just assumed it was similar to synthesis or morning sun, thanks for the clarification.
  20. tommytt22

    BH Balanced Hackmons

    I've noticed a lot of people using shore up on their pokemon over recover, is this to do with the prevalence of primal groudon making shore up recover more hp, and it having 16pp, or is there another thing I'm missing?