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  1. RU Dark Dreamer Luna

    CM Mesprit Bulky Offense

    So i was cruising through the RU ladder and saw there wasnt many bulky psychic types in RU to abuse, so i decided to make that a bit of a change, by making a team based around my fav from the lake trio Mesprit. I couldnt decide on a playstyle at first, but i havent made any bulky offense teams...
  2. RU Dark Dreamer Luna

    Braviary Balance

    Ok so i'm back with another team, so i decided to try a different type of team in balance. So i'm ready to put the team out, took 5 hours to think, and now i got it. Braviary @ Leftovers Ability: Defiant EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Roost - Bulk Up - Brave Bird -...
  3. RU Dark Dreamer Luna

    RU Sand Team

    Ok so i have been dabbling into the RU tier lately and have seen some new stuff (i usually play OU) so alot of this is new to me, so i decided to try and get my team checked by Senpai Chakra, i think my team does have some improvement to obtain and a few issues so i'll leave this up to you guys~...