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  1. PurpleGatorade

    ORAS Ubers The Flames of Hell: An Ubers RMT, Peaked #1 at 1878 elo

    Hey guys, its PurpleGatorade here, this time with an Ubers rmt. I usually play Anything goes, but a few months ago I decided to try out Ubers since it seemed very similar. After tweaking one of my old AG teams a bit, I was able to construct a Ho-Oh Balance Squad that peaked #1 on the ladder. So...
  2. PurpleGatorade

    Other Metagames Perfection?: An Anything Goes RMT, Peaked #2 on ladder

    Hi guys, this is PurpleGatorade with my first-ever Anything Goes RMT. This team underwent a lot of changes as I became more acclimated to the anything goes metagame before finally reaching #2 on the ladder a few times. Hope you enjoy! The team at a glance: I started playing Pokemon...