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  1. Cosmic_Traveler

    Metagame Fortemons

    Can we please get Snore fixed? I was hoping to use interesting Set-Up Move + Rest sets on Guts/Quick Feet Pokemon with Snore enabling them, indeed restricting them, to use their attacking moves while asleep. Snore still apparently bestows a 30% Flinch chance onto moves but does not currently...
  2. Cosmic_Traveler

    Metagame Scalemons

    First, I just want to point out that the OP is incorrect about Fomantis learning Superpower (under the "Contrary Users" header). Second, I don't care too much about this at the end of the day, but I see little reason for DeepSeaScale to be banned, especially because non-HP scaling means...
  3. Cosmic_Traveler

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    I recently encountered a bug, I think, where the combination of Mach Punch+Bullet Punch+Sucker Punch (MP+BP+SP) is invalid on Technician and Intimidate Hitmontops according to the PS! Teambuilder. This is despite the fact that all my relevant sources (Serebii, Bulbapedia, pokemondb) say that one...
  4. Cosmic_Traveler

    Metagame Godly Gift

    Pikachu cannot learn both Extreme Speed and Fake Out in the same moveset, due to it learning Fake Out as an Egg Move and Extreme Speed as an Event Move, as has already been clarified earlier in the thread. That being said, Extreme Speed Pikachu may still have some merit on HO especially with...
  5. Cosmic_Traveler

    Metagame STABmons

    So Arceus Jr. (Silvally) is basically a Mega Smeargle with Multitype. Anyway, I wanted others' thoughts on how this would work in-game and how it should therefore work in the code. It regards the move Burn Up. Hieracus (Silvally) @ Fire Memory Ability: RKS System EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4...
  6. Cosmic_Traveler

    I'm just living the dream

    I'm just living the dream