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  1. fatty

    LCPL 8 - Team / Set Dump

    hello friends! with lcpl coming to an end it's that time of year for ya'll to spill your dirty secrets. post your fire-ass sets or teams all the way from sm to coinflip dpp.
  2. fatty

    Gen 4 summer's gone

    a dpp team compendium ------- INTRODUCTION hello everyone! i am user: fatty, resident tier-slut, dude bro, and chillmaster. i say this, well, because i don't think i'm truly dominant at any one tier (possibly lc i guess but i don't even play that as much anymore), yet i like to think i can...
  3. fatty

    ORAS LC Cold Wind Blows (Peaked #1)

    ----- introduction: when it comes to lc, i have a pretty simple mindset as it pertains to teambuilding: cover as many weaknesses as possible while maintaining enough offensive pressure to be threatening. revolutionary, i know. i usually don't go out of my way to use specific pokemon if i know...
  4. fatty

    XY LC We Fly High - Peaked #1

    --- Introduction It's been a while since my last RMT, partly because I've been rather busy the past year and was really only interested in the tournament section of the forum, and equally because I'm rather lazy. Despite some of my activity issues, LC has always been one of the tiers I always...
  5. fatty

    Murkrow [QC: 0/3]

    Murkrow Overview ######## - bird - Just like last generation, one of the more powerful offensive mons in the tier. - Has the ability to go physical or mixed - Very strong priority in the form of Sucker Punch - Prankster is cool - Very versatile in what kind of sets it can run. - Stealth Rock...
  6. fatty

    Tentacool [QC: 3/3]

    Tentacool Overview ######## - With the poison buff this generation, Tentacool’s typing gives it a new niche in allowing it to check / counter fairies such as CM Swirlix. - Aside from fairies, water / poison also gives it interesting resistances to abuse - Very good special bulk, making it a...
  7. fatty

    BW UU Nuke Em'

    Nuke 'Em Introduction: Well, I haven’t posted a team in a while and with all the buzz surrounding B2W2 and Mew leaving UU, I thought now would be the perfect time to sort of retire / get some last minute critiques on one of my most successful UU teams at the moment. I’ve been...
  8. fatty

    BW UU Welcome To Jamrock (Peaked #4)

    Welcome To Jamrock Introduction: well with hippo being banned now, i see no reason to not post this team. i had a fair amount of success with it, peaking #4 on the ladder and going 3-0 in the homefield tourney thus far, but it's now time to part ways because i'm not about to revamp this team...