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  1. Sleep Clause in Generation 8

    Following mechs doesn't mean you have to follow clause as well. Smogon/PS has always followed the mechs for every gen which is right in my opinion but is also true that Smogon tiers have p much nothing to do with the ones in the cart, Smogon always made his own tiers based on the official...
  2. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VI - Finals [Won by Tricking]

    I only came back to congratulate with u both. Really happy after all this time u managed to get the trophy u deserved Tricking many attemps failed mainly for bad luck and in my honest opinion one trophy is not even enough based on ur runs and skill in this game, i hope thats the first of a...
  3. The NU Open VIII - Round 6

    triumphed in 3.
  4. tmrw evening +2 should work

    tmrw evening +2 should work
  5. no

  6. nu open when

    nu open when
  7. im on smogtours

    im on smogtours
  8. Hola poshito, todo bien?

    Hola poshito, todo bien?
  9. Smogon Snake Draft III - Signups

    Player Name: BK Tiers Played: SM OU Timezone: GMT+2
  10. Tournament OLT VI Discussion Thread

    Here's what i used during this cycle and first one. Ofc this aint a team that is going to let u qualify but its a fun one for the begin of the ladder. Since OLT is a long tour i wanted to start it relaxed without starting tryharding right from 1000s since i didnt care about gxe and just have...
  11. The NU Open VIII - Round 5

    came out winner in 3 vs shadestep, ggs.
  12. friday evening +2

    friday evening +2
  13. we scheduled

    we scheduled
  14. tell me a day/time and ill try to be here

    tell me a day/time and ill try to be here
  15. The PU Open II - Round 5

    came out winner in 3, ggs.