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  1. Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    Ofc he is an effective businessman, but that doesn't make him qualified to be President(in fact, it hardly does). It is clear from Trump's behavior and mannerisms that he is very egocentric and ruthless, not someone who would compromise. While these traits served him well in the real estate...
  2. Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    And that explains why Trump gained so much popularity. The way in which he delivers his message and his brutal honesty resonated with a large part of the Republican base; they elicited the belief that he was competent and was a guy who knew his shit and could get shit done. Even though a lot of...
  3. Serious Income Inequality

    I think that income inequality has been increasing because of outsourcing. Manufacturing jobs that used to pay decent salaries have largely disappeared while low-wage service sector jobs are employing those laid off from factories. The tech revolution has created a lot of high-skill tech jobs...
  4. Fall Semester Classes

    Georgia Tech 1st Year Comp Sci Freshman Computing Seminar, Psychology, Discrete Math, Object Oriented Programming, Calculus 2 Basically this schedule was my backup one since English and Physics were full. I took Psych because of the hot girls(mmhmm) and Discrete Math because I had to take that...
  5. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    Well the Brits generally want their own versions of things. Especially a game thats set in France; I wonder what they'll think.
  6. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I really hope that Mr. Mime shows up in this game. He'd be right at home in Lumiose City.
  7. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    What kind of legendaries would we get in this region? I know nothing about French mythology at all, but I'm guessing we might have a tricolored Pokemon or something.
  8. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I don't think France is a good place for a Pokemon game. It doesnt have the more common taste that other countries have. Maybe Germany would have been a better country to have this game in.
  9. Apprentice Program: Round Sixty Three

    Username: manav95 Age: 16 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: MANAV Your timezone and usual hours of availability: Eastern Time (US), 12-6pm What tier do you want to learn?: BW OU Tell us a little about yourself: I am an Indian american who joined Smogon 2 years ago. I have just returned and gotten...
  10. Apprentice Program: Round Sixty Two

    Username: Manav95 Age: 16 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: MANAV Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT -4:00 2:00-8:00 PM What tier do you want to learn?: BW OU Tell us a little about yourself: I joined Smogon in 2010 and had little success battling. I have come back and have...
  11. Casey Anthony found Not Guilty.

    How did this happen? All the evidence points toward her killing her daughter. The jury probably was high during the deliberation.
  12. The Smogon Frontier [Won by Bloo]

    Pokemon Online Username- Manav95 Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: United States Time Zone: GMT-5 Favorite Pokemon: Arceus
  13. Apprentice Program: Round Fourty Nine

    Username:manav95 Age:15 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: manav95 Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT -5 Eastern Time Free on weekends mostly weekdays- an hour What tier do you want to learn?: DW OU Tell us a little about yourself: I want to be a better battler. I feel confused...
  14. japanese earthquake and tsunami

    Japan had a really shitty day. Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Nuclear Plant problems. Reminds me of Haiti in 2010 when it got that earthquake.
  15. Gen V Little Cup Analysis Index

    Reserving Tsutarja and Gochimu
  16. Wikipedia - 10th Anniversary

    Wikipedia is where I learned pretty much everything. I find that the most inaccurate information on that site is statistics describing the number of something like the amount of Kurds in Turkey because some editors want to manipulate those statistics to fit their views. Mostly its if I need to...
  17. Gen 5 Article Claims/Suggestions

    I would suggest doing a Hyper Offensive team guide. Since BW introduced many powerful attackers like Doryuuzu and Roobushin, HO has a stronger foundation for success.
  18. If Smogoners Were Superheroes/villains

    Kevin Garrett Manage to still be considered a good player despite many losses.
  19. Dragonite

    Extremespeed is Dragonite's best chance. Multi Scale only makes it more bulky.