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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sun and Moon Full Game Datamine General Discussion Thread

    AFAIK you have to either Skill Swap it to check, or catch it and hope for the best
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    Ty for the wishes, man

    Ty for the wishes, man
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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    I got a similar pack last week, except with VanCleef instead of The Beast. Unfortunately I HATE Rogue... Though I might make a deck with him if I end up feeling like it.
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    League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dignitas ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Edit: damn the upsets today. With WW, Galio and Teemo earlier this week, the LCS so far has been really fun to watch.
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    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    Also, though redundant to most people here, the other person must have beaten the Pokemon League.
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    Gengarite Tiering Discussion [read post #383]

    This is certainly true. At the beginning of this thread, I voted "no," mainly due to personal experience (it can't sweep omg). I regret that vote now after actually reading people's arguments on the situation. I expected the arguments for 'keep' to be more pronounced, but then I realized I don't...
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    Bad Luck You've Had So Far

    My friend managed to get a FLAWLESS Timid Charmander with two 3IV parents. On his FIRST EVER Breeding project - he hasn't played pokemon since he was a kid. He also found a shiny Pansear in the wild - although he hates the elemental monkeys with a passion. And then there's me, who's happy about...
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    XY Pokémon Models

    Eelektross. In BW it seemed large and menacing, a giant electric eel/leech getting ready to attack you. Now... it's tiny, and it looks like a tapeworm. I thought it was its pre-evo (Eelektrik?), that's how small and un-threatening it looked. Apart from that one, though, I have yet to see a...
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    Favorite Attack Animation

    Had a Crustle use Shell Smash --> Rock Wrecker on me. Was expecting a crazy animation, but it seemed quite... underwhelming to me. Looked more like a Rock Throw than a Rock Wrecker tbh, even if it did OHKO my Gardevoir. Now, for cool moves, I haven't seen that many, I think all the ones I've...
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    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    I fought the same electrode in Victory Road (it was a trainer, right?), and it used that same move on me. Too late to screenshot though.
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    Pokémon XY General Discussion

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    Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I still remain unspoiled on that aspect, although I have had to unsubscribe from several youtube channels (and stop visiting several sites) to do so. Two days remain...
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    League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    ALL HAIL OUR RUSSIAN OVERLORDS Same here. Poor Dade. Also, the Soulstealer pick I felt was very... I don't know. Don't want to say stupid, but he was 0-4, got no stacks on it, and sold it a minute later. Would have expected it more from Alex Ich, and even then only if he expected to...
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    Data Prize Claiming Thread (Update 5-09-13)

    Finally claiming after the holidays Luxio and Cranidos both get 1 EC, 2 MC and 1 DC. Thanks to some smart UC spending earlier on, this means they both unlock DW abilities, and both evolve! Whoopee! Cranidos also gets 1 KOC, added to MC. Luxray [Mufasa] (Male) Nature: Lonely (+Atk...
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    The Phalanx and ZhengTann fight!

    "Good Game. I'll make this as quick as possible." Fire Fang + Fire Fang for the EN KO
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    Data Prize Claiming Thread (Update 5-09-13)

    Spending because fuck it. 2 UC are used to almost maximise Luxio's EC, giving it 8/9 EC. 2 of its 4 MC are used to buy Superpower (Tutor). 7 UC are also used in a nature change from Naive to Lonely. Luxio [Mufasa] (Male) Nature: Lonely (+Atk, -Def) Type: Electric: Electric STAB; 50%...
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    The Phalanx and ZhengTann fight!

    "Let us just get this over with. We won't go down without a fight!" Fire Fang - Ice Fang - Protect
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    NFE Fight__ThePhalanx Vs. DogFish

    Reffing seems good to me :] Oh and gg Dogfish. Mufasa just can't hit a lady... EDIT: We both get 1CC for the battle iirc, not just Dogfish, for participating. Tiny nitpick, not really that important to show it.
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    Entei battles a Warlord! That is an awfully small Charizard.

    Charizard used Overheat! It's super effective! [Paralysis=500 or less] - 3726 (NO) [Hit=9000 or less] - 8275 (YES) [Crit=625 or less] - 994 (NO) (((14-1+2+3)/2)+3+1.5)*1.5 = 20.25 Damage Charizard knocks out Tripolar for the win! Prizes: Entei: 2CC Ullar: 3CC Budew: 1EC, 2MC, 1DC...