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  1. Jonjonz

    Resource VGC 16: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    Is fakeout legal on Salazzle pre-bank how do I get her to have it?
  2. Jonjonz

    Project OU Theorymon [Voting: Check Post #3272]

    I'll to agree with Empoleon, it can absorb toxic and t-wave,stealth rock/defog or just try to sweep,adds some good versatility. Someone that doesn't care about zapdos and can have some offence is kinda nice. Rotom wash cant swap out on you with volt switch (not that empoleon can do much in...
  3. Jonjonz

    Pre Bank OU fairy Team

    Bump'd any feed back would be great.
  4. Jonjonz

    Pre Bank OU fairy Team

    Ok So I'm Actually looking to make a Fairy Team it has to have at least 3 fairy Types,this team was the creation of my battles but i'm still a little iffy about some of it even though it preforms pretty well,any help on changes or opinions would be appreciated! Azumarill @ Choice Band Ability...
  5. Jonjonz

    Other Defensive Fire-typing

    I really Like the idea of Rotom-H being a Nice Check to Talonflame,Gourgiest and being able to cripple Aegishield. 3 Rather common pokemon around at the moment. Not to mention Being Immune to Earthquake from Ladurous (although not enjoying a stone edge) and being able to do nice damage to most...
  6. Jonjonz

    Move Misty/Electric/Grassy Terrain

    Or perhaps only Grass types get the boost?
  7. Jonjonz

    Pokémon Clefable

    There aren't that many sleepers around though thanks to Sleep Powders debuff in effect. after a few cosmic powers even with 0 investment stored power starts hurting alot.
  8. Jonjonz

    Pokémon Clefable

    ahah no Whoops I guess we'll have to wait untill Bank comes out in December to use that set for real. I got ahead of myself in PO. I mean I guess it could work with Wish if it can take a few hits.
  9. Jonjonz

    Move Powder

    Powder pokemon might include Breloom,Parasect and Amoongus? I can see Parasect enjoying that probably. I mean it hasn't got that much to offer.
  10. Jonjonz

    Pokémon Clefable

    Ok so the EVs are pretty shocking but the set i am actually finding really good this gen. Item:Leftovers Nature: Bold Ability: Magic Guard EV spread: 252 HP/ 128 DEF/SPDEF Moveset: - Cosmic Power - Moonblast - Softboiled - Stored Power Get one Cosmic power in on something that you now RESIST...
  11. Jonjonz

    Data Old Pokemon With New Abilities : How Will it Affect Them?

    Does Scarf Chandelure outspeed Mega Gengar? Could Be handy to hit through its Subs,Other Pokemon don't enjoy Its massive attack hitting through their subs im sure. Gothitelle has no speed so it should enjoy that ability alittle.
  12. Jonjonz

    Pokémon Aurorus

    Hmm you guys have been posting alot about its physical abilities but I personally enjoy its Niche spot in a Hail team with its Hidden ability. Aurorus @ Leftovers / Icy Rock Ability: Snow Warning EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpAtk / 252 SpDef / Calm Nature - Blizzard - Thunderbolt/Anceint Power - Protect...