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  1. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Reserve for Evil X. EDIT : Have an Anorith. Your Anorith is either incredibly angry, or incredibly calm. If male, (which is more likely - 87.5% chance) it is Angry. It must have all attacking moves, and wants to evolve straight away to get more powerful (level 40). If female, it is Calm. It...
  2. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    I haven't posted an update yet, so I'll do it now :D Starting out, get my Charmander and train it up to about level 12 in Viridian Forest, which takes foreeevveerr. Just countless Scratches and Embers, wow. A wild Caterpie appeared. Great! Ember! OHKO, Lizardon gained 20 exp. >.<. So at around...
  3. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Ok, I just got back on here, seeing as I couldn't be bothered to stay awake to find out my last two pokemon in my Scramble team, so here's what I have: Okay, thanks. I wanted a Charmander as my starter. Normally I get the ones I don't want. <_< Right. Normal type No. 1. I guess it's not too...
  4. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    I've been pretty busy lately. So I haven't really got off to my 2nd Scramble, which is quite annoying, but I think I have more time lately, so I'm going to start my THIRD one. :D And let's hope I can get off to a better start. The Original : Pokemon Red version!
  5. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @doomvendingmachine Have an Oddish. Name it PlantPot. Must have Two of the Powders at all time (Poisonpowder, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder. ASAP - It Learns Poisonpowder at level 14, Stun Spore at level 16 and Sleep Powder at level 18) It MUST Solo Flannery's Torkoal to evolve into Gloom, and...
  6. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Okay, Thank you Dummy007. I'll try and keep my progress posted. :) Let's go.
  7. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Look, can somebody pleease give me a starter? I can't really start until I get one..
  8. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    By the way.. Everyone, I need a Starter still, so I haven't started on it yet, so.. would be nice to have one of those.. :) EDIT: Only ONE more slot. Starter place still free.
  9. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @Navelpluis13 I have to be honest here, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can have a 2-move Alakazam (with one of the moves being Swagger), could you please do me another? Thanks.
  10. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Sorry, but how can Captivate and Attract be used Outside of battle? :S
  11. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    New Scramble Seeing as I never really got to start my first Scramble Challenge, I figured I should do another one :) Pokemon Diamond Scramble. No Nature Restrictions please. Anything else is fine. I think I'm going to regret this...
  12. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    What happens if my ponyta loses to his ponyta? (Hoping this won't happen though)
  13. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Thanks :) OK, Thanks. Bit tough, but I'll go for it :)
  14. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    I'm in. Pokemon Diamond Scramble. No restrictions on Natures, I'm happy for anything else :)
  15. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    @DragonBreath Treecko - No Sunny Day, Only 1 Grass move allowed, Only 3 TMs allowed to be used, including HMs.