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  1. ThePhalanx

    Entei battles a Warlord! That is an awfully small Charizard.

    "This appears to be quite a secluded place to battle... I guess Entei didn't want a large crowd for his first ever match. I can understand that feeling - many of us make mistakes under nervousness and pressure. But anyways, here we go. To my left stands Entei999, and his trio of youngsters ready...
  2. ThePhalanx

    Wanderer vs Endquote: LC Doubles at the ASB Arena!

    I'm not a fan of making bad puns in titles. "Alright, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first match reffing at the ASB Arena (damn I hate forests). Today we have a simple doubles duel between The Wanderer and EndQuote, speaking of which, here they are! On the left hand side we have...
  3. ThePhalanx

    Fear the All-Mighty Caterpie! [Classical vs Eternal Drifter]

    It was earlier this day when I, with a hint of nervousness, appeared before the Referee Acceptance Committee. "Phalanx," they said, "we appear to have a problem. Quite a number of our more experienced ASB referees have disappeared in circumstances unknown. While we investigate, we need somebody...