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  1. Lil Blaine

    Gen 8 OU cleaner returns a gothitelle stall team (peaked #1 85.5 GXE)

    Hi smogon, I'm here today to share with you a gothitelle stall team I made, essentially an attempt at revamping cleanerthanrotomws team but for the gen 8 meta. Thankfully shadow tag has been banned but it lasted too long in gen 8. How anyone can look at this ability and the abusers with their...
  2. Lil Blaine

    SM OU TRIANGLE, a chansey webs build PEAKED TPO 500!!1! (STILL CLIMBING)

    Hi smogon I am here today to share with you a team I have used to considerable success on the Pokemon showdown ultra sun and moon overused ladder attaining a 78 gxe and surpassing 1700 elo. I call this team triangle because it has three sides and that's unironically right around the highest I...