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  1. chaos

    Shadow Tag subthread

    Stratos If the discussion is just "how best to express a given ban", I don't have a strong opinion, as it ultimately results in the same metagame. I'm not sure that is the point of this topic though? I think the question is: what is the best way to express a complex ban in terms of a simple...
  2. chaos

    Prefer banning Pokémon instead of banning abilities/moves/etc

    Please, no more posts in this topic about how much weight to assign to tour player opinions. Deleted one and will delete anything about it following this post.
  3. chaos

    Shadow Tag subthread

    Things are tense because of the sleep clause fallout. Zarel wasn't sure if it was actually trolling or not, and asked the leaders discord for a second opinion. Myself and others responded that teal's post was in good faith, which is why it was not edited. I do acknowledge that there was no way...
  4. chaos

    Shadow Tag subthread

    The philosophical underpinnings of our formats matter, opinions outside your friends in the tournaments community matter, not sure what else to say. I think "tournament players like the ban as currently stated" is a perfectly legitimate & reasonable point, but can be expressed without the...
  5. chaos

    Please reconsider the approach to Shadow Tag in generation 8

    Martin, your post is straddling the line of acceptability, please just make your point without the vitriol in the future. I have slightly edited it instead of removing it because I think you are making a good point--the ban reasoning is laser focused on the Goth family, and then at the end just...
  6. chaos

    Sleep Clause in Generation 8

    I don't like autolose on sleep & neither does the rest of the staff. I prefer rules analogous to chess where you are not allowed to make a play that would put you in checkmate. I would err on the side of allowing extra sleep in certain cases or banning the moves outright, with strong preference...
  7. chaos

    Sleep Clause in Generation 8

    Finch put it nicer than I would have, so, Anyone who makes a personal attack like the one earlier in this thread will be removed from PR from this point on. Be nice, stay on topic, or get out.
  8. chaos

    Sleep Clause in Generation 8

    Not that I'm necessarily advocating for this, but if someone encores a sleep move, you must switch. If you cannot switch then you lose.
  9. chaos

    Sleep Clause in Generation 8

    Be nice to ABR. It's true I interpreted him as speaking for all of OU, but I wanted to retest Sleep Clause in SM, so I might have read more into what he said than he intended. Cartridge reproducibility isn't my #1 beef with Sleep Clause. If others care about this then great, it strengthens the...
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    Smogon Staff and Promotions

    nui and pre are now super mods
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    chika would never say such a thing to me

    chika would never say such a thing to me
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    PSPL VII Group Stage: Week 3

    won 2-0 against pokeblade101
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    another madvillainy avatar guy here to ask: when do you wanna play for pspl

    another madvillainy avatar guy here to ask: when do you wanna play for pspl
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    Redefining Ubers for the next generation - A Proposal

    Quick summary of my thoughts from the CL discord. The goal of the tiering system is: for every Pokemon (within reason), ensure there exists a fun & competitive format to use it in. Being rigid & purist about Ubers has the potential of violating the fun part, and there is no point to having a...
  17. chaos

    post in the thread please! and mention what iphone version you have

    post in the thread please! and mention what iphone version you have
  18. chaos

    dex format pages now list all pokemon with analyses in that tier

    Oglemi what do you still need from me?
  19. chaos

    New Dex Up - Post Bugs Here

    UmbreonPup56 i havent changed anything that should make it stop working but i'll take a look
  20. chaos

    Renaming of the Tier Borderlines

    There are no plans for this, OU is defined as the first usage-based tier. If we were to go this route we would unban stuff from Ubers instead, which would cause some stuff from OU to get pushed out and become UU, etc