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    I would love that.

    I would love that.
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    You know what? I think Dynamaxing is broken in LC. I think it gives too much power to offensive Pokemon and we don't have enough defensive options to properly outplay it. I think Pokemon such as Rufflet, Farfetch'd, Woobat and Scraggy among others are too powerful once they get going and ruin...
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    Announcement Corsola-Galar has been banned from Gen 8 Little Cup

    In what should be a surprise to no one, the Little Cup Council has decided to ban Corsola-Galar from Gen 8 Little Cup. Corsola-Galar is arguably the greatest defensive threat Little Cup has ever seen. Boasting 60/100/100 defenses, Will-o-Wisp, Strength Sap, Calm Mind, and Cursed Body...
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    Metagame 1v1 Metagame Discussion

    Mimikyu is not banned. Other than Illegal and Unreleased, the only mons banned are the 3 Galar Legendaries. I think Mimikyu still has potential but it's a lot worse now.
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    Metagame 1v1 Metagame Discussion

    1v1 Metagame Discussion This thread will be used for discussion of the 1v1 metagame. This includes discussing metagame trends, strategies you enjoy using, as well as possible suspects. Please be constructive and thoughtful with your posts. One liners will be deleted, and disrespectful...
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    1v1 General Information / Resources / Ask Questions Here!

    1v1 is a metagame where you bring a team of three but only get to use one in battle. Your teambuilding skills are extremely important and your Team Preview mindgames must be sharp. A game can end in the blink of an eye. Banlist: Pokémon: Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus, Illegal or Unreleased...
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    LC Ekans Draft - Commencement

    I will add more details later. Try to follow forum rules, at least.
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    Metagame SwSh Little Cup Data and Speculation

    If this list is anything to go by, Ghosts are going to be amazing in this metagame. The lack of Pursuit in the game means Gastly can fire off nukes almost entirely unpunished. Galarian Corsola is practically unkillable before a Knock Off. It's got Strength Sap, WoW, and that good ol' Mirror Coat...
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    Welcome back.

    Welcome back.
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    Dragonite is NOT banned. Thank you to everyone for your participation.
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    UM/OM USUM 1v1 Dragonite Voting

    With 19 'Do Not Ban' votes versus 11 'Ban' votes, Dragonite is unable to reach the 60% threshold required to ban it. Dragonite will not be banned. The voting will remain open for the rest of the weekend for anyone else that hasn't voted yet. Thank you for your participation, and we'll see you...
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    UM/OM USUM 1v1 Dragonite Voting

    The following users will vote on the 1v1 Dragonite suspect: Kaif Boat (phiwings99) AltCauseImInsecure Freddy Kyogre Maki's Fox Waylaid Poison Adhesive Kardistry King Lkjchjdhbjidcgjhd Lancer Fr 187 Fan Cheese5555 Squirtell 1v1 Robyn JustUhhDude Alpha Alakazam WailJesus Dragonflo Jynx Nuggets...
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    Pokémon Showdown Staff Promotions

    11/05/2019 - Rabia was promoted to Driver!
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    Super Staff Bros Tour II - Round 1

    won, ggs
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    ssb tour when

    ssb tour when
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    Pokémon Showdown Staff Promotions

    10-27-2019 - Aeonic was promoted to Driver!
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    Please heed the rules listed at the top. Stop arguing over semantics and other factors that don't relate to the suspect. This is about Dragonite, so discuss DRAGONITE. I will be handing out infractions for anyone else that disregards the rules from this point onward.
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    Super Staff Bros Tour II - Signups

    I don't like staff bros and joining this would be bad for me. in
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    Announcement Dragonite Suspect Voter ID Thread

    Post here if you've achieved the suspect requirements, which are a minimum of 75.5 GXE and at least 70 games played. Please post a screenshot that shows your alt having the requirement, as well as proof that the alt belongs to you. Make sure all the information is shown or your post will be...