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  1. QuickBH

    SM OU The Dusty Flames [Peak 2046]

    The Dusty Flames A SuMo OU RMT I’ll be honest, I'm not a big fan of SuMo. There are way too many Pokemon that are quite frankly absolute bs and make SuMo unenjoyable. These Pokemon include, but are not limited to, Zygarde, Landorus-T, Zygarde, Greninja, Zygarde, Mega Mawile, Zygarde, Dugtrio...
  2. QuickBH

    XY OU The Persistent Monkey

    THE PERSISTENT MONKEY AN XY OU RMT XY OU has been a very difficult metagame for me to get good at and enjoy. Not only did a multitude of metagame changing bans occur, (such as Aegislash, Deoxys forms, and Mega Mawile) but my lack of success with using Infernape, which is a Pokemon I’ve been so...
  3. QuickBH

    OU Infernape

    QC: Jukain, aim, Valentine GP: The Dutch Plumberjack, Timpuktu Infernape is cool. Overview ######## From being a lead to wallbreaking and stallbreaking, Infernape is a versatile monkey that is able to perform a good amount of roles effectively against any kind of playstyle, while pairing well...
  4. QuickBH


    QC checks: alexwolf, Ash Borer, CyclicCompound GP checks: horyzhnz, Calm Pokemaster Credits to Hibiki for letting me take over and basically allowing me to use his as a base lmao. Literally Goku. Overview ######## As in generations past, Infernape utilizes its mixed prowess and great coverage...
  5. QuickBH

    Fire Fighting?

    Fire Fighting. An amazing offensive typing indicated by the banned (Mega) Blaziken, but can it also work for another starter? I’ve constructed this team with an underrated core in Volcarona and Nasty Plot Mixed Infernape. The main thing going for it is that you’re essentially playing with...