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  1. GoGoGadgetGolisopod

    Pearl Team Analysis

    Hi there, I'm considering starting a let's play channel and since Pearl Version would be one of the first I intend to do, I want some second, third and fourth opinions about my intended team I plan to use. I want talk about why and what concerns I have. But please refresh yourself with the D/P...
  2. GoGoGadgetGolisopod

    Exploring Other RPGs

    Hi There! I have enjoyed Pokemon for 8 years, and I am wanting to explore other RPGs. I have played Zelda: OoT, Paper Mario, And some games in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. I am thinking about playing Bravely Default, so I would like some opinions on it I am also considering Monster Hunter...
  3. GoGoGadgetGolisopod

    Battle Tree

    Hi there. This thread exists to talk about the Battle Tree. You can talk about wins,losses, various kinds of bullshit that happens. Have fun!