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  1. vso

    SM OU Better Now - 12-1 record to reach 1941 #24

    Introduction Hello! I'm vso and this is my second rmt and my 250th post. I will not be able to be very active for the next 3 weeks so I decided to make this RMT now. This is a team that I built only a few days ago and it was around a Snorlax set that I thought was fairly interesting. I was...
  2. vso

    SM OU Counter 'em all, a Sash Counter Alakazam offense (peaked #4 on the ladder)

    Introduction Hey there, I'm vsomani, and I am making my first RMT on my most successful team, which peaked #4 on the ladder and got me from 1600(when I started using the team)-1930 with only 3 losses. It was built around Sash Counter Alakazam because I felt it was a really cool Pokemon...