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  1. Death God Anubis

    Death God Anubis' Trade Shop (Now Open)

    ~Rules and Guidelines~ Somebody find a banner for me imo :c or make one c: Wi-fi forum rules apply! I will hack check everything that you send me and if I find anything out of the ordinary then you'll earn yourself a place on the Wifi Blacklist. Clones and RNG abused 'mons are fine, though...
  2. Death God Anubis

    DGA's Trade Emporium(Updated May 26: Singapore Mild 31/30/31/31/31/30 Rayquaza added, etc.)

    Well, its nice to see you here. My name is DGA n_n For a short intro of who I am, I'm a % on the Battle Simulator Pokemon Showdown's Wifi room. And that's about it. FC: 5112-4369-2256 Y: IGN:Thomas TSV:2641 ID: 61438 OR: IGN:Anput TSV:3099 ID:49791 - All the Smogon rules apply here. - Do not...