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  1. Moose V

    ▄▀ Ⓜoose's Ⓜodest Ⓜon Ⓜart《New Starlies》▀▄

    ωεℓcoмε тo мy sнoρ! (Filler Banner) Rules: 1) I will not accept anything other than 100% legitimate pokemon (no hacks clones, etc.) 2) Make sure you trade what you offer (no scamming) 3) Be patient. It's likely that I'll be pretty busy so don't be surprised if it takes me a day or two to make a...
  2. Moose V

    ◊Glalie's taking over (Team Bane) (Peaked #20) (who needs Froslass anyway?)◊

    I[] II[][] III[][][] IIII[][][][] Have you ever wanted that team that was insanely fun to play with but also very good and easy to use at the same time? Well look no further, cuz today's the day Glalie makes your opponent feel like shit. Now, I gotta point out that I failed to take a...
  3. Moose V

    That Guy Who Posts 2 Teams in One RMT (peaked #5) (3 days in the making)

    Hello once again Smogon, today I bring you two new teams that have recently put me pretty high on the NU ladder. I'll go through them one at a time. Here's the first one: G|C|L|M|R|Ø When I started playing NU, I promised myself that I'd try to peak #1 with a Gothorita team. I haven't gotten a...
  4. Moose V

    Brand MEW team!

    Brand Mew Hello once again Smogon, today I bring you another UU team, this time featuring something I've been wanting to try out for a while, specially defensive stallbreaker Mew. The first thing you might notice is that I have 7 pokemon here, but this is because there are 2 versions of the...
  5. Moose V

    Team my hard drive broke and I made this

    How the fuck does a hard drive break down at 6 months old? Anyway here's an NU team I made. It's been pretty effective and I'm pretty happy with it considering I'm a pretty NU player and this is my first NU RMT. I'm gonna refer to each member by the letter you see next to them below so my hand...