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  1. Matthew

    Graphics cards

    This is more of a one shot thread but I need to buy a new laptop tomorrow, I mostly play Hearthstone, FTL, and watch netflix, twitch, and YouTube on my laptop so is there a minimum graphics card I should watch out for or will all of them do it?
  2. Matthew

    God of High School (manhwa)

    God of High School is another manhwa that I think deserves a bit of attention. It's a korean manhwa (for other people it's a colored manga) and it's probably a mixture of Persona meets The Breaker. It's about a fight that happens between the strongest people in high school and when they win...
  3. Matthew

    The Gamer (manhwa)

    I've been getting into manhwa more recently instead of manga as I like the artistic look a bit more and the style (along with color!) looks really neat. The Gamer is one I recently picked up and it's really good! It only is in its first few chapters right now (re: 13 as of writing this post)...
  4. Matthew

    I made an okay pokemon team; let's make it better

    Hello! I'm trying to play pokemon again but it's hard making teams so I'm asking you guys to help. It's probably just a (bit too) standard Drought team but I'm sure there can be little improvements here and there that can make life easier on the ladder. I'll give you guys the run-down here. @...
  5. Matthew

    Seasonal ladder December planning

    Yo guys Birkal sucks at life and is making me post a thread here for December ladder. I want to hear some of your ideas and what you think would be stellar. I'm probably just going to throw a bunch of pokemon together this round and see where it goes: my current idea is: Holidays Yay...
  6. Matthew

    Seasonal Ladder - November

    art by Icepick This is a new ladder which we're implementing in the server on Pokemon Showdown! It is a randbat in its entirety but what's different is that we have limited the list of pokemon which will be picked from. The list of the pokemon which will be picked from is entirely dependent...
  7. Matthew

    Old Generation Analyses Reservation Thread

    While the metagames are considered a vacuum where the tiers are, for the most part, set in stone, posting analysis updates for RBY, GSC, or ADV are still a welcomed contribution to Smogon! Obviously small changes and controversial changes (EVs or small moveset addition / change) should still be...