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  1. Soulfly

    A not so effective team

    Hi smogon! After messing around with this team for a while i decided to tend to the RMT forums because i basically lack knowledge of 6th gen. I feel like i'm stuck at the moment and can use any advice. The team is based around sticky web -> most pokemons used are at the slower side of the...
  2. Soulfly

    Still having fun playing in the sandbox

    Hi everyone, after playing around with the rain team from weeks ago i felt like changing the weather (we see enough rain troughout the year right?). I made both a sun and sand team and felt most comfortable with sand somehow. The team at a glance: At first when i was building this...
  3. Soulfly

    My first Rain team

    Hi guys, its been a while since i was on smogon. But here i am again, now using a rain team. So far i been having 60% wins, with a rating of 1700 currently. This is the team: Building of the team: In depth: Politoed @ Leftovers Trait: Drizzle EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 SAtk...