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  1. blunder

    Announcement SM OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - Dirt

    YEA DAT WAY Hey everyone, the OU tiering council has decided to test Dugtrio. Dugtrio has been claimed to be the progenitor of the stall craze due to its incredible utility in trapping, and has thus led to further questioning of the role it plays in the metagame. In order to address a direct...
  2. blunder

    Stall in SM OU

    i wanted to make a post on stall in sun moon ou as it has sort of changed since oras ou. back in oras ou sableye was banned to 'nerf' stall but in sun moon ou stall is a lot more powerful than it ever was in oras. the core of toxapex + skarmory + chansey + clefable can basically take on almost...
  3. blunder

    ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 7, Voting

    its time yall Voting on Sablenite. List of qualified voters (71): blunder boudouche CrashinBoomBang Finchinator M Dragon PDC TDK a12qsd ABR Ban Manaphy Best Teambuilder Blackoblivion Branflakes325 cdumas Christo. Ciele CK James Clearly DANN3 Dead On Arrival Eeveeto Empo Get this Money Googly...