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  2. Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    This may be blasphemy from a competitive point of view, but I would actually really enjoy seeing an utterly broken Kyogre/Groudon in these games. Despite the dilution of canon and the meaning of legendary, Kyogre and Groudon are MEANT to be legendary beasts far superior to every other pokemon...
  3. Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    But it's Metagross, not Aggron, that's seen as Steven's signature Pokemon. Therefore, there would be far more symbolism in giving Metagross a Mega Evolution.
  4. Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    It's very likely that there are megas in the game - isn't Steven supposed to be a collector of "rare stones"?
  5. 2013/2014 Soccer/Football Thread

    Actually, Moyes can spend as much money as he wants. This is because United generate massive revenues, which means they can spend massive amounts. Unlike the sugar daddies.
  6. XY Smogcast #1

    Do you think that Dragons actually got nerfed? Sure they can't spam outrages, but since Steel types are easier to kill now...
  7. 2013/2014 Soccer/Football Thread

    Vertonghen shits all over the Arsenal center-backs. He's class. However, Arsenal always seem to find it within themselves to push for 4th - I don't expect that to change this season, despite Spurs seemingly having a superior squad.
  8. new metalheads thread

    Dream Theater's new album is coming in september. First one without Portnoy :'(
  9. College

    I'm from India. @Res Ipsa Loquitur: Thanks a lot! I'm pretty sure that case law is taught here. I'll only be able to tell you later on though. @MrIndigo: When you say summer clerkship, do you mean an internship?
  10. College

    I'm going to be starting Law School from next month, any tips? Note that this is right after high school, over here we don't need a college degree to join law school - we do an integrated Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of laws.
  11. (enO dnuoR) II tnemanruoT esreveR ehT

    I beat the crap out of snorlax. (So he moves on to round 2)
  12. IPL [Won By Chennai Super Kings]

    Vineon, which sounds (relatively)more appealing - King's 11 Punjab or "Punjab ka Maharaja ke gyara"?
  13. IPL [Won By Chennai Super Kings]

    Chris fucking Gayle.
  14. 2k Threads are a pain in the ass (a 2k thread)

    PK all grown up! Where's my shoutout :(
  15. (!spungiS) II tnemanruoT esreveR ehT

    i'm in mate.
  16. SmashPass

    Toxic Spikes absolutely ruins this team, but apart from that and Haze Milotic, not much stops it. I've seen Dragon Tail Nidoqueen that can also end the smashing chain if you don't have a Substitute.
  17. np: UU Suspect Test Round 1 - Sunny Days

    Deo-D is a beast, but not unmanageable. I find that carrying a taunter is invaluable in this UU metagame, with stall being such a viable option. Kyurem is ridiculously good. And on the note of a quickban - absolutely not. We all saw what happened in gen 4 UU - almost everything that we...
  18. Gen V Initial UU

    Hey, the only reason Victini is UU is because V-Create was only released and made legal very very recently. Wait till next month and see where it is. And I'm liking the idea of Mew and Zapdos in UU.
  19. The 2010-11 Football/Soccer Thread

    lol, what are the odds of that?
  20. The 2010-11 Football/Soccer Thread

    Apart from Messi, everyone from Barca is a cunt. Seriously, Messi was probably the only person who didn't get involved in any fracas or whining - he just showed off his skills. Even the fucking RESERVE keeper got involved, ffs.