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  1. Toxigen

    Monotype [Monotype] Zapdos (Electric + Flying) (GP 2/2)
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    Shelved [Monotype] Tapu Bulu (Grass + Fairy)
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    OU [OU] Zygarde
  4. Toxigen

    Shelved [OU] Magearna - SHELVED
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    OU [OU] Pinsir
  6. Toxigen

    OU [OU] Greninja-Ash
  7. Toxigen

    OU [OU] Tornadus-Therian
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    OU [OU] Hawlucha
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    Doubles OU Player of the Week - week #11 - Level 51

    art by 13ulbasaur approved by kamikaze previous threads by Elise and Ultimathunder Doubles OU Player of the Week! Hi, I'm Toxigen and I'm taking over the Doubles OU Player of the Week project! As you may know, this project was initially created to learn more about the Doubles OU players, how...
  10. Toxigen


    [OVERVIEW] Deals well with common force of the metagame like Landorus-T, Zygarde and Heatran. Also the less FWG cores. Can be very scary with Speed control, which is something that needs to put in work Has a very hard time against Psychic spam and Sun, as it’s slower than most Pokémon on those...