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  1. sneaky.

    How did you get into Pokemon and consequentially, Smogon?

    How people got into particular franchises has always been an interesting topic to me. Whether it be the anime, games or the cards, everyone on this website has their own story and experiences to share as to how Pokemon got into their lives. I find this pretty damn cool. For me personally, the...
  2. sneaky.

    ORAS OU Hot Sap Sipper Azumarill Balance (1570 ELO and climbin)

    Hey guys first RMT here! So me and a buddy were sick of using the same old OU teams so we decided to make a "heat" squad one night. Didn't think it would be all that good but it actually worked pretty well. This stupid team we made in like 20 minutes seemed to be packing 90% of the competition...