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  1. -Howkings

    Tournament LC Ekans Draft - Signups

    Player Name: Howkings Timezone: GMT+1 Significant Time Missed? No
  2. -Howkings

    Sign-Up Apprentice Program Signups: Old Gens OU

    Assigned to: ErPeris Username: -Howkings PS! Username: Howkings What format do you want to learn?: RBY Your timezone: GMT+2, same as the person who agreed to tutor me Usual Hours of Availability: Afternoon and evening on weekdays and Saturday. All day long on Sunday. Tell us a little about...
  3. -Howkings

    OU [OU] Offensive Rotom-W (GP 2/2)

    Grazie! Pronti alla pubblicazione :blobuwu:
  4. -Howkings

    Bel trofeo dottor sessoni :blobuwu:

    Bel trofeo dottor sessoni :blobuwu:
  5. -Howkings

    Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VI - Finals [Won by Tricking]

    Prendi a sassate sta maledizione Woatli :heart: END OF THE CURSE LGI
  6. -Howkings

    Quality Control Shelmet [QC 1/2]

    I implemented everything, thanks for your check. About the overview, i directly used your first sentence as a start because I think it fits really well, let me know if I can keep it or i have to change. The other sentences are re-written by me. I reduced the length as requested. Merritt
  7. -Howkings

    OU [OU] Offensive Rotom-W (GP 2/2)

    Implementato, grazie :blobuwu:
  8. -Howkings

    Battle City V - Round 1

    -1 to fille in a gg
  9. -Howkings

    OU [OU] Offensive Rotom-W (GP 2/2)

    Ho finito, scusate ancora per il ritardo.
  10. -Howkings

    Quality Control Shelmet [QC 1/2]

    Yeah, my bad about the EV spread and nature and not having considered Yawn as a move, i didn't notice I had made a mistake, sorry. Anyways, the changes are now implemented, both in the set and in the paragraphs, so let me know if it fits better now Merritt
  11. -Howkings

    OU [OU] Offensive Rotom-W (GP 2/2)

    Colpa mia, scusate, qualche problema di tempo. Prometto di finirlo in maniera rapida
  12. -Howkings

    Showdown Genius Invitational - Main Match Thread

    I'd like to gift a garnet each to fart MrJelli and Dot Agumon :o
  13. -Howkings

    Battle City V - Round 1

    Won vs Mix, now at 3
  14. -Howkings

    Battle City V - Round 1

    Lost vs Oibaf, now at 1 Won vs Revulsion, now at 2
  15. -Howkings

    Showdown Genius Invitational - Main Match Thread

    Sorry about that But i select cyberpunk
  16. -Howkings

    Battle City V - Signups

  17. -Howkings

    Showdown Genius Invitational - Main Match Thread

    I want to touch Duck if he agrees
  18. -Howkings

    OU [OU] Offensive Rotom-W (GP 2/2) [SET] name: Offensive move 1: Hydro Pump move 2: Volt Switch move 3: Thunder move 4: Pain Split item: Electrium Z ability: Levitate nature: Timid evs: 108 HP / 184 SpA / 216 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Mosse ======== Volt Switch aiuta Rotom-W a...
  19. -Howkings

    Resource Prenotazione Analisi

    Prendo Offensive Rotom
  20. -Howkings

    OU [OU] Substitute Mega Mawile (GP 2/2)

    Grazie :3 Pronti alla pubblicazione