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  1. Sergeant Spooky

    OU Omastar

    [OVERVIEW] While not necessarily the best Swift Swim sweeper for a rain team in the OU metagame, Omastar is unarguably the strongest, boasting the highest Special Attack and possessing one of the best setup moves in the game, Shell Smash. These traits allow it to fire off truly devastating...
  2. Sergeant Spooky

    OU Slowking

    something something pants [OVERVIEW] * Slowking checks Tapu Lele and Keldeo, two prominent threats in the metagame, as well as checking Mega Metagross if it doesn't have Thunder Punch. * An amazing ability in Regenerator, which allows Slowking to recover health when switching, lets it to more...
  3. Sergeant Spooky

    OU Volcarona

    [ANGRY MOTH NOISES] [OVERVIEW] * An amazing setup move, Quiver Dance, allows Volcarona to serve as a potent sweeper. * Base 100 speed allows Volcarona to outspeed most Choice Scarf users after boosting. * It has very high Special Attack backed by a powerful STAB move in Fire Blast. * It has...
  4. Sergeant Spooky

    Pokémon Lopunny

    approved by alexwolf Typing: Normal --> Normal / Fighting Ability: Klutz / Limber / Cute Charm --> Scrappy Stats: 65 / 76 / 84 / 54 / 96 / 105 --> 65 / 136 / 94 / 54 / 96 / 135 Neato moves: --Normal STAB: Return / Frustration Facade Quick Attack Fake Out...
  5. Sergeant Spooky

    Kabutops [QC: 0/3]

    Kabu-san, what are you gonna do with those sword hands? Overview ######## Pros: -Very fast with Swift Swim -Great Coverage from STABs alone -Decent physical bulk for an offensive Pokemon -Rain-boosted Waterfalls hit very hard -STAB Priority Cons: -Slow without rain -Poor special bulk, and a...