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  1. makiri

    VGC Articles PLEASE READ

    While we have a great staff and group of people producing a large number of sets and Pokemon analyses, VGC is sorely lacking in articles, whether it be a beginner's introduction to VGC or the explanation of various moves and their utility in the doubles/VGC format. Starting now we're going to...
  2. makiri

    VGC '12 Southern California Regional - Long Beach, CA - WON BY TheCalmSnivy

    Long Beach Convention Center [ Map ] 300 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802 Juniors/Seniors Registration: 8:00-9:45 AM Masters Registration: 8:00-9:45 AM For the first time, Pokémon is combining their Trading Card and Video Game Regionals for one incredible event! The SoCal Regional...
  3. makiri

    Look at this f**kin hoopster

    Not even a Pokemon event can escape the hoopster epidemic. If you have any hoopster pics feel free to post them!
  4. makiri

    Pokemon VGC San Jose Story

    Our story begins in early 2011, no longer driven by the need to compete, our hero, Coach Bombay of the Mighty Psyducks, has decided to throw in the towel and retire from the Pokemon Video Game Championships. After months of urging from the other Ducks he still tried to remain committed to...
  5. makiri

    VGC 2011 Analysis/Article Index

    Be sure to read the following before proceeding to write an analysis/article: Contributions & Corrections General Information Spelling and Grammar Standards _________________________ VGC 2011 Analysis/Article Index This thread will be used to index reserved articles, please post here if you...
  6. makiri

    Pokemon VGC Seattle Story

    PRE TOURNAMENT Our story begins at Worlds 2009, after some discussion, Fish and I decide that Seattle would be a great place to visit for the 2010 tournament, its early in the season and we can blitz the tournament with a radical strategy as the metagame hasn't developed much. We started to get...
  7. makiri

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - VGC edition

    Its the VGC edition of everyone's favorite thread, the VGC often has very specific questions that may get lost in the usual Stark SQSA thread, so use this for anything VGC related. The rules: 1. Your answers should contain at least a brief explanation, even if it was the simplest of...
  8. makiri

    World Championships Thread - BLUECOOKIES WORLD CHUMP

    This year's world championship will take place in sunny Kona, Hawaii! In between Japan and the United States, this competition will surely attract a host of spectacular battlers! 69-42 Waikoloa Beach Drive Waikoloa, Hawaii 96738 Friday – Last Chance Qualifier Senior Division Registration –...
  9. makiri

    United States Nationals Thread - WON BY WESLEY MORIOKA

    Halls B & C 100 South Capitol Ave Indianapolis, IN 46225 (317) 262-3400 Saturday – US National Championships Preliminary Rounds Senior Registration: 8:00 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. Junior Registration: 1:00 P.M. to 1:30 P.M. Sunday – US National Championships Final Rounds Top 16 Check-In: 8:30 A.M Use...
  10. makiri

    Official TPCI Pokemon Tournament 2009 | Congrats to all who participated!!

    The official website List of people going to each event 6/20 Paris Tournament links: The final European tournament took place with Honchkrow taking first and winning a trip to compete at the Worlds in San Diego. Nationals are this weekend, and with Smogon winning 5 of the 6 regionals and a few...