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  1. TTFTW

    ORAS NU Scepyroar Balance (Peak 7, 1578)

    Hey everyone, I'm here to bring you another NU RMT! Contain your enthusiasm! Let's go right to the in-depth analysis! @ Sitrus Berry Ability: Unburden EVs: 120 HP / 252 Atk / 136 Spe - Outspeeds max speed timid rotom Adamant Nature - For a better damage output - Swords Dance - Helps you...
  2. TTFTW

    ORAS UU Krookodactyl

    Hello. Krookodactyl This is my second UU rmt, pretty fun team to use. This team, just like Prankster, is a bulky offensive oriented squad, where you have two wincons, one wallbreaker and three glues. I wanted to start building with mega aerodactyl + krook because I think they're really...
  3. TTFTW

    ORAS NU Curse pass

    Hi. Welcome to my third NU rmt on smogon. There's been a while since I posted an nu rate my team, mainly because the old metas were just boring, sneasel + gallade meta was like: every team had 5 standard mons and one different filler, and in the magneton meta everyone and their mum was using...
  4. TTFTW

    ORAS UU Prankster

    Hello UU Community, recently I decided to try the UU tier to find out that it's actually fun, as every other new player in a new tier, I was only using sample teams for a while, until I decided to create my first UU team that I think looks decent (after 2 fail teams). Anyways, this team was...
  5. TTFTW

    ORAS NU Mockingbird

    Mockingbird _________________________________ Hi everyone, it's me teamtesting bringing you another NU RMT. So many strange stuff happened this week, actually, only one thing happened, gallade. Yes, gallade is NU now, of course it's a really big threat to every team, and almost every team is...
  6. TTFTW

    ORAS NU Falling Sky

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction Hey there, this is my first RMT here in the forums, and I decided to make a team in the NU tier, which is my favourite one by far. By the way, if you don't know me, I'm a guy who loves playing pokemon in PS and usually makes decent teams (I guess), I access the NU room...