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    BW OU's future: Shadow Tag vote and upcoming changes [SHADOW TAG BANNED]

    The BW Council has collected and reviewed the survey sent out a few weeks ago; responses are publicized here for transparency. The trouble with generalizing the results is due to the drastically differing replies. Comments ran the gamut from stating Gothitelle's Obvious Brokenness to its...
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    swagger ban

    i'm wondering what the purpose of the swagger ban carrying over from gen6 is? it was already a contentious ban originally, and since then thunder wave has been nerfed which effectively hampers the legitimacy of swagplay strats. it just seems like a very unnecessary clause in our metagame, and...
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    Season 21 (Week 8 [BW OU #1]) Won by SoulWind

    Post "in" to participate. Be aware that you can only join two tours this week! - This tournament will be held on the official Smogon Tournament server at - Send a PM to "dice" on Smogtours ONLY when you win your match. Do NOT PM the host if you lost. - **ONLY PM ME ON...
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    Season 21 (Week 5 [BW OU #1]) Won by FLCL

    Post "in" to participate. Be aware that you can only join two tours this week! - This tournament will be held on the official Smogon Tournament server at - Send a PM to "Dice" on SmogTours only when you win your match. Do NOT PM the host if you lost. Additionally...
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    Gen 6 thought exercise

    how would u go about building a kyurem-white team? plz explain ur thought process and how ur team makes kyurem-white not outclassed by another mon. i wanna see how other ppl go about it similarly/different 2 me and i'll post at end
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    ORAS UU dismaland

  7. dice

    re: initial ou tiering

    why does ou begin with such an arbitrary ban list? this has always irked me and i don't consider it effective. pokemon with certain parameters are always given ubers status from the start of a generation. but why? although it's solely anecdotal, i believe current ubers could achieve greater...
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    Gen 6 ubers spl dump

    obligatory thread since every other subforum is doing it. any cool sets / ideas / teams you used? post some explanations / descriptions with it as well as this could help develop the metagame if others haven't caught on aim Sweep PROBLEMS Edgar steelphoenix Jibaku Melee Mewtwo Steve Angello...
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    ORAS Ubers the sinkhole spreads

    hi. there have been scarce quality ubers teams posted in this subforum as of late due to spl. due to it ending relatively soon, and out of boredom, here's a pretty fun sand offense i made somewhat recently. this team has a pretty common offensive core that has been seen on sand builds numerous...
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    Gen 6 sticky web discussion

    sticky web teams seem unique enough to deserve a thread in regards to how they are played and used. they differ vastly from any other playstyle in playing and building. sticky web is kinda controversial as a team slot as well. since smeargle and shuckle are the only viable users, your team...
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    Gen 6 teambuilding frameworks

    warning: this is mainly just me spouting what's on the top of my head and has no real order as i wrote this spontaneously. so, some of my ideas may be kinda confusing since i may have not articulated my thoughts clearly as i wished. sorry. people always get really uptight about these threads...
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    Gen 6 EV'ing Quirks

    Do you have any cool spreads you'd like to share which you think are better than the standard spread? 248 HP / 176 Atk / 52 SpD / 32 Spe is a spread I've used on Ho-Oh for quite a while which has caught on recently allowing it to live a +2 Xerneas Thunder while hitting the Attack benchmark with...
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    Multi Gen Ubers Teambuilding Competition

    Ubers Teambuilding Competition Hi, this is the Ubers Teambuilding Competition. In short, the goal of this thread is to provide unique and interesting teambuilding challenges to experienced players while showing newer members of the community how the best players build teams. Hopefully, some...
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    Gen 6 Dice's Team Repository (WIP)

    Introduction: Since both Melee Mewtwo and I are eliminated from the open and ORAS is approaching, I figured I would post my teams in attempts to help the current, stagnant metagame develop and to get new ideas out there for further metagame development. The current metagame, to me, is...
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    XY Ubers shuckle kyogre genesect landorus-t gengar arceus-fairy

    i figured i wouldn't write another rmt for quite some time after my last ou post since i find them tedious to write; however, given the fact that i am the person who has pushed the current ubers suspect through and have recently grown very active in the tier once again, i felt obligated to post...
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    XY OU dice offense omicron

    i kinda miss the days when people actually posted rmts. maybe i'm just feeling altruistic after getting badged yet again, but whatever. apparently it used to be of higher quality in dp, but even in bw when i began, rmt was an outlet for ideas and gave the community a way to get into the game...
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    RBY Tradebacks Tournament [Finals] [Won by SoulWind]

    RBY Tradebacks Tournament Sign-Ups | Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 Hosted by Dice Introduction: Tradeback: A Pokémon taught a move in a later game and traded back to the earlier game. Most notable in the first generation of Pokémon, where certain Pokémon could learn moves in the second...
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    R a d i o a c t i v e ----- I'm going to make this short. No one wants to read a RMT with 3 paragraph long descriptions full of absolute fluff in each section. Despite the fact that the BW2 OU metagame is very matchup reliant, this team has proven to be consistent for a few months...
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    BW OU Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! (Peaked #1)

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds A DW OU Learning Experience by Princess Bri Dear Smogon, as many of you know me by now, I'm Princess Bri and I'm going to show you the team of mine that reached number one on the Smogon Dream World ladder under the alt "BOOM ITS BRI". This isn't a...
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    Queen Introduction Hello, I am Princess Bri, and I decided to make an RMT to introduce myself to the Smogon community, since to me that seems to be one of the only ways to do it effectively. Before continuing to an introduction of the team, I'll just go through a description of my...