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  1. ALoZeus

    SM OU RM Balanced Team:

    Hello guys, the idea behind this team is to be balanced and having alot of speed while also having some heavy hitters. The team consists of three offensive Pokemon and three defensive Pokemon. My research began with searching Pokemon which have close to no weaknesses. Charizard @ Charizardite...
  2. ALoZeus

    SM OU RMT, Sandstorm Team:

    Heya guys, I love Tyranitar, especially the Adamant DD-Tyranitar, thats why I wanted to create a sandstorm team. Here comes my Sandstorm Team: Tyranitar @ Assault Vest Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 252 Atk, 6 SpD, 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Dragon Dance - Stone Edge - Earthquake - Crunch Tyranitar...
  3. ALoZeus

    SM OU RMT, Balanced Team:

    Heya everyone, currtently I'm looking for a team which will be my main team. After I finished my Rain Dance Team, which is still in improvement, I decided to create a team with Azumarill. Azumarill is my favorite Pokémon and I was thinking about on how I could build a team around it. This team...
  4. ALoZeus

    SM OU Im new in OU, please rate my team:

    Heya guys, I'm new in OU and currently im playing a Rain Dance Team. I dont know if my EV spreads are good or bad, or which attacks I should replace. I hope you guys can help me out here. Rain Dance Team Azelf @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk...