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  1. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Are the sleep mechanics present in japanese B/W retained in the localized B/W? ie: sleep counter resets on switch out Reposted due to no answer
  2. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Are the sleep mechanics present in japanese B/W retained in the localized B/W? ie: sleep counter resets on switch out
  3. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    How do I go about having a 5th gen analysis accepted? I've read what I believe are the appropriate threads and I'm still unsure. I do not actively participate in the forum or site, but I'm interested in doing analyses of pokemon some people overlook, and I believe I'm competent to fulfill the...
  4. Alakazam

    Psycho Shock, Guard Share, and Magic Guard are appreciated new tools. I don't see Scizor and Alakazam being given the same tier, so that is a non issue.
  5. Lanturn

    Lanturn is outstanding, comparing it to top OU is silly and irrelevant as that isn't where it will be used. Being able to burn and a scouting move makes Lanturn that much better, I imagine it will be even more troublesome to KO in 5th gen than it was in 4th gen.
  6. Jumpluff: Whimsicott PRIME! (No, still 0.5)

    If nothing else it has Sleep Powder and more resistances over Erufuun. I've use Jumpluff with great success in gen 4 and I expect great things from Jumpluff in gen 5. Though the encore nerf saddens me.
  7. Stunfisk

    I can't wait to use Maggyo. Unique typing Solid sp.atk with which to use STAB thunderbolt, STAB earth power, STAB discharge, and interestingly boiling water Outstanding HP and excellent sp.def, above average def Yawn and T-Wave He has a very cool niche. Between his great bulk, coverage, and...
  8. Probopass (LV 2 Sturdy Abuse)

    Random single 3v3 wifi battles have an 8 turn limit for certain, there's at least one video of such a battle in full on youtube. As for a time limit, I cannot say.
  9. Probopass (LV 2 Sturdy Abuse)

    Probopass is one of my favorite gen 4 pokemon, I didn't connect the dots and realize Sturdy's newfound value on him. He's a greatly underrated UU/NU special wall.
  10. Gothitelle

    Shadow Tag on the Gochiruzeru and Shanderaa evolution lines will definitely end up banned. I know it's rule breaking to say this, but oh well. Shanderaa's reasons for Shadow Tag being overpowered are obvious. Gochiruzeru has too much room to abuse setup opportunities in the new UU/NU...
  11. Mandibuzz

    Another very cool pokemon. Brave Bird and Bone Rush should be plenty, not every pokemon needs to focus on raw damage. I'm looking forward to using Barujiina.
  12. Suggesting the implementation of a 6th tier in 5th gen (on top of NU/UU/BL/OU/Uber)

    Accounting for, The 57 4th gen OU/BL (aside for Rotom forms) Rotom forms being tiered separately The many existing non OU pokemon given new tools for a possible tier change The vast majority of 5th gen's pokemon being competitively viable This will likely lead to huge gaps in ability between...
  13. Gavantula

    @heroic poke Do you play in UU? STAB Thunder/bolt, Eleci Ball, Volt Charge, Charge Beam, and Bug Buzz, Energy Ball for coverage, and some potentialy viable gimmick physical moves (pursuit, sucker punch), give him an above average offensive movepool. And he doesn't learn U-Turn...
  14. Gavantula

    I'm glad he doesn't learn Butterfly Dance. There's likely more room for creativity instead of a dominant set. I am a bit sad he doesn't get Baton Pass, but Spider Web on a pokemon with powerful STAB electric moves/STAB Bug Buzz/great speed allows for fun mind games and momentum building (Volt...
  15. Gavantula

    I believe [M486] is Eleci Ball, it's base power is based off the gap in the user and the target's speed (the higher the user's speed, the stronger it becomes) I love Denchura. His stats/movepool/abilities make him look like a very interesting pokemon to me, I expect him to be a solid UU or NU...
  16. Comprehensive list of pre-existing move/ability/mechanic changes?

    Is a cohesive, specific resource of such available? So as to potentially not make this thread wholey unhelpful from the start for others looking for information like me, various changes I've seen scattered on different sites, *Lightningrod grants +1 sp.atk when hit by an electric move and...
  17. There Were 190 Pokémon!

    Very interesting. This greatly strengthens the feeling I'd already held that gen 1 & 2 are the closest generations. GS's supposed new designs seemed a direct extention of GR's 151, in contrast to gen 3 and 4's paradigm shifts.
  18. Pokemon Black and White (SPECULATIONS ALLOWED HERE)

    Dento is confirmed as the first gym leader. I'm going to speculate and guess that Iris is a dragon gym leader.
  19. Pokemon Black and White (SPECULATIONS ALLOWED HERE)

    Those B/W commercials...Wow indeed. Alternate link,
  20. *Cross fingers* Please don't... [A First OU Warstory]

    I stopped reading at the Mamoswine KO. Tyranitar shouldn't have taken the needless risk and stayed in, and you should have known better than to think a scarf Mamoswine Stone Edge would KO, if it even hit. Bad warstory, however I hope to see you try again in the future.