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  1. Astyanax

    te amo

    te amo
  2. Astyanax

    What is Pokémon to you?

    My childhood. Probably the reason why I can't let go ;_;
  3. Astyanax

    Grats on global +

    Grats on global +
  4. Astyanax

    Other Userlist Icons Stylish

    ps name: Asty Pokemon: Shiny Seismitoad (Shiny is really important ;_;)
  5. Astyanax

    ola :v

    ola :v
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    Spelling and Grammar Standards

    Yeah, I should have read the context more. I thought the issue was with the word 'lure', not the actual way it was used, in which case, changing it for a different word does not change anything. No need to be pedantic though, buddy :^)
  7. Astyanax

    Spelling and Grammar Standards

    Your suggestion is sound, but if 'lure' is causing semantic problems, I suggest the use of 'invite': 'Scizor invites a switch-in to Heatran, and (predictably) KOes it with Superpower'
  8. Astyanax

    Ask the Admins - Issue 10

    How many people in real life know you're in charge of a pokemon sim? Are you proud of it?
  9. Astyanax


    I'm looking at this both from a Room Owner and a user who does make frequent alts. As I said earlier, the pop-up need not be large or too invasive
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    Not sure if this has been suggested, but I honestly think an additional 'Terms and Conditions' box should be added before any account is created. Yes, it will be ignored by thousands, but on the off-chance, it may be read and acknowledged. I've dealt with many, many trolls (as many of you...
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    General Introduce yourself!

    Hello My name is Astyanax and I am a 15 year old girl from a country in South-America called Peru. My hobbies include singing traditional Peruvian folklore (like my idol Wendy Sulca), and occasionally playing pokemon. I like to draw and sing :3 I have made many friends since I started...
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    oie cy k rikolino

    oie cy k rikolino
  13. Astyanax

    XY LC Pineco Offense

    Top kek. Nice post though, if only this thread has enough to make up for the fact that you're the worst mod :/ Edit: Good post though. I have absolutely no idea about LC, but I might use this team and try it out. Thanks Sken
  14. Astyanax

    Global + have to re-earn their rank. Why?

    Could a higher member of staff please answer, or at least go through the reason, to why all global + have to re-earn their rank? Have they not already earned it like % and @? I would understand if the ranks were to be put on hold temporarily while everything else is being fixed. Even given or...
  15. Astyanax

    PSPL II: Semifinals

    Confirming this
  16. Astyanax

    PSPL II: Group Stages Week 2

    Sorry for the late reply I have to mention that I have to sub two members of my team Axel10 for NocturOP for OU and shal for Licor43
  17. Astyanax

    PSPL II: Group Stages Week 1

    On behalf of the Spanish room, we wish everybody good luck!
  18. Astyanax


    How about a simple modification to the /join command /join all ~~The user automatically joins all chat rooms (Could be reserved for global + and above) /join list ~~The user will join all the rooms which he has in his list ~~/add list, lobby (Each code/title of the room could be put...
  19. Astyanax

    Spelling and Grammar Standards

    In the introduction of this thread: 'This thread is so that users can both discuss the standards and refer to them easily within our forums.' 'This thread is so that users can both discuss the standards and refer to them easily within our forums.' This sentence just sounds off to me. I...
  20. Astyanax


    If the load would be too taxing for the server, it would be implemented for room @,# and globals until a proper solution is found. Having a group chat in-tab would be excellent for staff meetings and rapid discussions on important topics that need a hasty reply.