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  1. SilentVerse

    Mesprit (UU Revamp)

    Its been five years, but its done. Merry Christmas friends :) [OVERVIEW] With its middling stats in comparison to UU's other Psychic-types, it may appear as if Mesprit has issues standing out from its competitors. Its fellow lake guardian, Uxie...
  2. SilentVerse

    Resource XY/ORAS RU Tiering Info

    Hey all, and welcome to the XY RU Tiering Info thread! This thread's purpose is to keep you all updated on the state of tiering in XY RU as the tier progresses and keep track of past suspect tests, which should hopefully help people jump into the tier more easily. This thread will contain a few...
  3. SilentVerse

    [RU] Roselia (Physically Defensive) [QC 0/3]

    [SET] name: Physically Defensive move 1: Spikes move 2: Giga Drain move 3: Hidden Power Fire / Sludge Bomb move 4: Synthesis / Rest / Toxic Spikes item: Eviolite ability: Natural Cure nature: Bold EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD [SET COMMENTS] - Due to how popular Pursuit has become, this is...
  4. SilentVerse

    [RU] Durant (Substitute + Baton Pass) [QC 2/3]

    [SET] name: Substitute + Baton Pass move 1: Substitute move 2: X-Scissor move 3: Superpower move 4: Baton Pass item: Insect Plate / Salac Berry ability: Hustle nature: Jolly EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] - Takes advantage of the fact that Durant is so dangerous people usually...
  5. SilentVerse

    [RU] Moltres (Choice Scarf)

    Time to push all the SPL sets that were posted in that thread through c&c @_@. [SET] name: Choice Scarf move 1: Hurricane move 2: Fire Blast move 3: U-turn move 4: Sleep Talk / Flamethrower item: Choice Scarf ability: Pressure nature: Timid evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] While...
  6. SilentVerse

    Defensive Emboar (QC 3/3) [GP 2/2]

    Nails gave me permission to write this up and get it through copyediting etc. [SET] name: Defensive move 1: Flare Blitz move 2: Superpower move 3: Will-O-Wisp move 4: Protect item: Leftovers nature: Impish evs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def [SET COMMENTS] <p>While Emboar is often seen as an...
  7. SilentVerse

    Strategy & Metagame BW2 RU Suspect Results

    Basically, I wanna do this except I'll cover BW2's RU's suspect tests. Even though it's been a while since the last suspect test, I figured it'd be a nice tribute to RU seeing how close X/Y is.
  8. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse's RU Revamps

    Ok I'm like two weeks late on this but whatevs, here's my initial thoughts on the pkmn that Oglemi / DC gave me: Primeape - Revamp Vital Spirit should be the main ability on CS Primeape; Defiant is just too niche. LO is probly a bad item choice on the Encore set; Fist Plate should probly be...
  9. SilentVerse

    Strategy & Metagame DPP UU vs BW RU

    I basically just wanna write an article comparing the metagames of current day RU and DPP UU to highlight the similarities and differences between both metagames. Stuff like talking about the prevalence of diverse FWG cores, highlighting several DPP UU / RU Pokemon with similar roles to each...
  10. SilentVerse

    Mothim (Choice Specs) [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    K, so I've had this skeleton for almost a year now, but I've never posted it because I felt this set wasn't good enough for an on-site for the longest time since, well, this set does so poorly vs offense due to how slow and fragile Mothim is. Feranfell brought the set back to my attention...
  11. SilentVerse

    Torterra (Update) [QC 2/3]

    Torterra [Overview] - Torterra's fantastic stats, unique typing, and extensive movepool allow it to perform a variety of roles in RU effectively, including, but not limited to, a lethal Rock Polish set that can tear apart offensive and defensive teams alike and a bulkier attacker that can...
  12. SilentVerse

    BW RU Foundations (peaked #1): An RU Stall Team by SilentVerse and DittoCrow

    DANK banner by Keiran! "Always make sure that you lay down a good foundation. The rest takes time, but it works without a hitch so long as the foundation is solid." Introduction: (DittoCrow's comments will be in italics.) Heya, this is SilentVerse with another RU RMT, but this time, it's...
  13. SilentVerse

    BW RU Dancing Free (peaked #1)

    ~Dancing Free~ Introduction: So err, yeah, I'm SilentVerse, and I'm typically a C&Cer and UU (both Gen IV and V) player. Anyway, I decided to delve into RU in October-ish to see what it's like; after all, a friend on another website noted that a lot of Pokemon essentially moved down a...
  14. SilentVerse

    Mesprit (UU Update)

    Mesprit This is really just a small update to rewrite some stuff, but there were two big changes that were made as well: - Removed Choice sets. I really doubt that Mesprit is a particularly good user of Specs or Band besides Trick and U-turn. - Removed Support and dumped it into AC of Lead...