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  1. UltraBallz

    SM OU USUM Psyspam Offense (Peaked #1 by BTB & Ayevon, 2100+ ELO)

    USUM PSYSPAM OFFENSE Introduction I wasn't planning to do an RMT for a while because these things take so long to do but I was convinced to do this by my man BHARATH_THEBEST after him and Ayevon peaked number one with this yesterday. They were looking for a good team to ladder with and I...
  2. UltraBallz

    SM OU (Peaked #7, 1950+ ELO) Reservoir Mons (Tana/Gyara BO)

    Introduction First off, if you don't get the reference to the team name or any of the nicknames, they all come from Quentin Tarantino movies because he is the GOAT. I was rewatching Reservoir Dogs the other day so I guess it was just kind of on my mind. I decided to RMT this because it was the...
  3. UltraBallz

    SM OU Turn-Turn Medicham (Currently #24 on Ladder)

    Introduction With the introduction of my favorite mega pokemon (outside of the semi-worthless Mega-Ampharos), I was looking to find the best way to abuse Medicham in the OU tier. This team currently has me at #24 on the OU ladder with an ELO of 1829. If I continue to climb I will update my...