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  1. xxTheBlueGalladexx

    Metagame np: USM PU Stage 3.5: Recovery [Magmortar and Archeops Banned]

    Honestly i'd hold off on major discussion for now as the usage stats do not account for June as seen here. However I don't see much changing from the list. But we'll see when we get confirmation soon.
  2. xxTheBlueGalladexx

    np: USUM UU Stage 7 - Too Good At Goodbyes (Azumarill banned, Breloom and Serperior remain UU)

    I don't post much (literally ever) but I thought I'd chime in on this for a second, the way you're structuring your argument is heavily flawed. You're saying that Latias is healthy in every way but it can run a z move and then immediately its unhealthy for the tier. There are ample reasons to...
  3. xxTheBlueGalladexx

    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for September 2017 (Oct @ #73) (Nov @ #129)

    Staraptor is BL, so it would need to be re suspect tested to be allowed back into UU. Which won’t happen anytime soon.
  4. xxTheBlueGalladexx

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    The Metagame discussion thread is the perfect place to discuss that. the lando T vs Aegislash topic has stopped so feel free to alter the topic.
  5. xxTheBlueGalladexx

    Resource SM OU Viability Ranking Thread

    (Posting on mobile so forgive the mess) Lets not derail the thread with this tbh. At this point in time i'd argue that the volcarona nomination should be halted, because it's becoming the Zygarde to S Rank argument was, and also, Volcarona's usage does not correlate to its viability in the...
  6. xxTheBlueGalladexx

    Hiding in the distance

    Hiding in the distance
  7. xxTheBlueGalladexx

    ORAS UU Viability Ranking Thread V6

    Hi there everyone, I'm more used to hiding in the back when it comes to posts in general (since ya know, first post and all that) but I feel I should give my two cents on one of the current nominations. Gligar up to B+: Disagree Although on paper Gligar is an excellent form of hazard removal...