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  1. Ika Ika Musume

    Battle Spot The Moody Boys

    Moody is better on smeargle for sure
  2. Ika Ika Musume

    Resource Battle Stadium Singles Analysis Discussion Thread

    Clefable is already great IMO, definitely top 40 or so and I just forgot to mention it.
  3. Ika Ika Musume

    Quality Control Arcanine (QC 0/2)

    I've changed a lot of Arcanine, I haven't used the particular spread suggested above, but I've used a somewhat different one and added a second set.
  4. Ika Ika Musume

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    BSS Conkeldurr: BSS Hippowdon: BSS Rillaboom:
  5. Ika Ika Musume

    Quality Control Cinderace (QC 0/2)

    I always forget that this pokemon isn't fire fighting type like every other stupid fire starter lol
  6. Ika Ika Musume

    Quality Control Cinderace (QC 0/2)

    Ive mentioned Scarf, kept in Zen Headbutt for now since it also sets up psychic terrain which can be useful in situations so it is not only for toxapex, though I have added that in.
  7. Ika Ika Musume

    Copyediting Hippowdon (GP 0/1)

    Done, Ive just called the set Bulky Yawn Support for now unless there are better ideas
  8. Ika Ika Musume

    Resource Battle Stadium Singles Analysis Discussion Thread

    I'd remove Braviary and Ribombee as well as perhaps Vikavolt and add in: Diggersby, Quagsire, Toxtricity and Bisharp. Potentially Rhyperior could be something to look at.
  9. Ika Ika Musume

    Community Create-a-Team: SmashPass Polteageist

    Mimikyu @ Weakness Policy / Life Orb Ability: Disguise Level: 50 EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant / Jolly Nature - Shadow Sneak - Play Rough - Shadow Claw - Swords Dance Everyone has found out how amazing weakness policy is in general as an item on Tyranitar and Togekiss, but I figured...
  10. Ika Ika Musume

    Resource Battle Stadium Singles Team Bazaar

    Oops some of the items were wrong O.o Thanks Marilli, someone who I assume actually knows Korean
  11. Ika Ika Musume

    Copyediting Conkeldurr (GP 0/1)

    Yea, you dont need Close Combat to deal with Tyranitar. Drain Punch is OHKOing TTar when it's Dynamaxed. I think there is an argument to run CC on Conk, but it mostly depends on what you want to do. I do think Drain Punch is easily its best move, it has the damage to OHKO what it needs to as...
  12. Ika Ika Musume

    Copyediting Hatterene (GP 0/1)

    One thing I'd note here is Spd generally is seen as Spdef when you are saying 0 Spd IVs so best clarify that to be speed
  13. Ika Ika Musume

    Copyediting Rillaboom (GP 0/1)

    Done. Think Drain punch will probably be more useful when we start seeing grassy terrain HA and theoretically it is probably better in terms of health vs. Ferrothorn. Low Kick is something I haven't mentioned that is definitely worth mentioning there though, probably over hammer arm since it...
  14. Ika Ika Musume

    Pokémon Darmanitan-Galar (WIP)

    I don't think anyone was under any illusion that Darmanitan was going to be anything but a terror
  15. Ika Ika Musume

    Community Create-a-Team: SmashPass Polteageist

    Okay Im calling it there. Vote count: Corviknight: 4 Votes Indeedee: 3 Votes Dracomish: 1 Vote Haxorus: 2 Votes Excadrill: 1 vote So we add Theorymon's Corviknight to Cant Say's Polteageist. Current Team: Round 3 is now Open Please give your Nominations Down Below!!
  16. Ika Ika Musume

    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    1_TrickPhony and I sat down for what ended up being about 2 hours, discussing Sword/Shield BSS and making a preliminary Tier List for the meta at least as it is currently based off our ladder experiences as well as what we had been seeing from others/in Japan as well as theorycrafting. Here's...