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  1. dice

    Serious LGBTQ+

    hi BlackMalachite, i would like to affirm that your journey to find language that describes your gender is yours and yours alone. that being said, if you are trans and earnestly believe that conservative politicking doesn't impact queer people negatively, you are choosing to prioritize other...
  2. dice

    SPL XI - Commencement Thread

    holy fuck i'm overrated
  3. dice

    Smogon Premier League XI - Player Signups

    Player Name: dice Tiers Played: GSC OU / ADV OU / BW OU Timezone: ET
  4. dice

    Dynamax Discussion

    yea, banning only dynamax and keeping gigamax artificially imposes a mega-esque mechanic into the metagame when that is so far removed from the resources we've been provided. it makes no sense and serves only as a lazy half-measure that adheres to arbitrary logic. a different designation by...
  5. dice

    SPL XI Manager Signups

    i would like to manage with crayon pop as my assistant. we're both great team assets who, unlike many of the managerial prospects, actually can play the game! :-)
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    General Music Discussion Thread

    tinashe released her first album as an independent artist and it's! so! good!
  7. dice

    Growth and SPL

    what’s up @ tds?
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    General News Discussion Thread

    so strange how democracy is always situated as an inherent good without flaw
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    Poetry Thread

    a haiku : i wash the dishes scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub all cops all bastards
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    Growth and SPL

    Coconut lower tiers will never be 'equal' to ou. in fact, the corollary of lower tiers' existence is a less skillful OU. while i acknowledge the sentiment behind these pushes of inclusion (invested time, fun factor, community, etc.) you must realize that spreading thin our formats is a side...
  11. dice

    gsc when?

    gsc when?
  12. dice

    Crystal Cup - Round 1

    he gave me win
  13. dice

    Growth and SPL

    the use of percentages in this conversation is lame and obfuscates the raw player addition necessary. 20! is still very significant, and two team slots spreads thin impact and notice toward individual slots. we’re inevitably gonna get more shitters w more slots. i admit, i like this tournament...
  14. dice

    Growth and SPL

    slight tangent but: can we not have another awkward new generation spl? you know, the ones where if we don’t have lower tiers in the spl, the players who would remain unbought or cheap are collected and skew two drafts! because teams are also keeping in mind future retains? plz eliminate this...
  15. dice

    when can u gsc this WE

    when can u gsc this WE