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  1. Okuu

    [Completed] Vaporeon

    [Pros] <ul> <li>A solid defensive movepool that includes Wish, Roar, and Acid Armor gives it the moves it needs to prolong its longevity on the battlefield.</li> <li>A high Special Attack stat allows it to make good use of Scald and other offensive moves.</li> <li>Good typing and respectable...
  2. Okuu

    "Overall, I had an Ice Time": My OU Mono-Ice Experiment.

    Current Discussion Topics: Why NU Hail Stall strategies in OU (kinda) work, Using a Cloyster in a way it was never meant to be used, and Smooth Jazz. And more! Since I haven't posted here since the Mollux CAP discussion, and have only been sporadically on Showdown within the past 2-3 weeks, I...