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  1. Ezrael

    A sendoff to SM DOU

    Well, this Snake went a little bit differently than the last one for me, but ended in the same place for my team. I played pretty well, but I’m not sure the level of my play was equivalent to my record. Honestly, it felt like I played well in most weeks and most of my opponents seemed to just...
  2. Ezrael

    This Isn't VGC; a SSD Team Compilation and Retrospective

    I was inspired by MajorBowman's SPL retrospective and thought I would do one of my own. Hi, I'm Ezrael, a new DOU'er, and I played for the Lanakila Nagas in SSD. We finished second, one game away from tiebreaks (and fixing one misplay of my own would have ensured that). I've written a team...
  3. Ezrael

    Team Report The Battle is Over

    Hey, I’m Jonathan Evans (Ezrael, @EzraelVGC) and I recently got 2nd place at the Pokémon VGC World Championships in the Masters Division. I started VGC in late 2013, but I didn’t get any good placings until this year. I almost quit after 2015 Worlds because I felt so disappointed with my...