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  1. AWailOfATail

    flashy flash

    Toon Slowbro [♂] Neptune Nature: Quiet (+1 SpA, Speed ÷ 1.15, -10% Evasion) Type: Abilities: Oblivious/Own Tempo/Regenerator Stats: HP: 100 Atk: 3 Def: 4 SpA: 5 (+) SpD: 3 Spe: 26 (-) (-10% Evasion) Size Class: 3 Weight Class: 4 Base Rank Total: 19 Type: Abilities: Oblivious/Own...
  2. AWailOfATail

    We need answers

    Who are we supposed to call "ultracarl" Is it you, v Why does the public need to know that "shade_is_gay" What happened to Firebot development labs 1-37 Wake up people, check the URLs
  3. AWailOfATail


    Approved by Eevee General and The Immortal 400 THIS IS SHADOW TAG Playable on Welcome to 400! The premise is simple: All Pokemon with a BST of 400 or under get to learn any move*. * See Banlist. Any move they want. And it's not only one move! For example, Sunkern could...
  4. AWailOfATail


    2v2 Doubles Standard Flash stuff AOPSUser (fyi Aegislash still had No Guard) Lucario "Anubis" (M) Nature: Mild (+Special Attack, -Defense) Type: Fighting/Steel Abilities: Steadfast/Inner Focus/Justified (unlocked) Stats: HP: 100 Atk: Rank 4 Def: Rank 2 (-) SpA: Rank 5 (+) SpD: Rank 3...
  5. AWailOfATail

    ElevatorDrifter flash

    1v1 FE Singles Standard Flash stuff Elevator Music Eevee [Iibui] (M) Nature: Calm (+1 SpD, -1 Atk) Type: Normal Abilities: Run Away / Adaptability / Anticipation (Locked) Stats: HP: 90 Atk: Rank 1 (-) Def: Rank 2 SpA: Rank 2 SpD: Rank 4 (+) Spe: 55 Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 1 Base Rank...
  6. AWailOfATail

    TavokJ (flashie)

    1v1 FE Singles Standard Flash stuff SubwayJ Niki the Meloetta (-) | Jessica the Meloetta (-) Aria | Pirouette Type: Niki was won by SubwayJ after he defeated all of his opponents in the Best of the Rest tournament. When she joined the team, SubwayJ quickly noticed her power, and her value...
  7. AWailOfATail

    Wail refs a flash

    1v1 LC Singles Everything else is standard Geodude6 Soldier [Ralts] (M) Nature: Quiet (+1 SpA, -15% Spe, -10% Acc) Type: Psychic/Fairy Abilities: Synchronize, Trace, Telepathy (HA locked) "<If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!>" Stats: HP: 90 Atk: Rank 1 Def: Rank...
  8. AWailOfATail

    Profiles Profile: AWailOfATail

    Trainer Name: AWailOfATail Pokemon Team: Nidoking / Pyroak / Cyclohm / Magikarp / Whismur / Necturine / Pancham W/L/T: 5/10/1 Currency Counters: 1 Universal Counters: 15 Current Battles: v Ascher & Iggy Azalea (Exclaimer) Current Reffings: n/a italics = my reffing Unclaimed: Old: Toon v...