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    Orcinus Duo vs. Wobbanaut, monkey vs. gecko

    Greetings and Salutations! We are here today for the battle between Wobbanaut and Orcinus Duo! Here are the terms of the battle: Orcinus Duo will be fighting with his Chimchar, Simion. Ohhhh, and its shiny! And, we have Wobbanaut, with his... Veemon the Treecko? Isn't Veemon a Digimon? You...
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    Battle Underground! Eternal Drifter Vs. ZhengTann

    Okay, folks, we have a treat for you today! We are here at the extremely scenic Crystal Colosseum for a battle! Here are the rules and information on the arena, as determined by the combatants First off, in the... Dark gray corner, we have Eternal Drifter, and his Meowth, Fern! Now, in...