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  1. Stufful, Bewear Discussion

    Anyone who finish the game will realize how retardedly bulky this bear is because it is an end game forced encounter.
  2. Move Freeze Dry

    Brain fart. I was thinking along the lines of more Pokemons learning this move via egg moves. We'll see if Gamefreak decides to make this an egg move for non-ice type moves. All ice Pokemons with high SATK pretty much suck.
  3. Move Freeze Dry

    This move has the potential to be broken next generation if the right pokemon gets this move. This move is A+, users of this move can't are either too slow, too fragile or have too small of a satk. Imagine Jynx or Rotom somehow getting this as an egg move.
  4. Gen 3 ADV Viability Ranking (OU)

    Apparently people's perception of the ADV metagame has changed throughout the years. Tiering doesn't even matter.
  5. Gen 3 ADV Viability Ranking (OU)

    I disagree with Cloyster's usability in any generation, but concensus rules. 11 years of time doesn't change a pokemon's usability. We have gone through RSE, DP, BW, BW2, and are now at XY. Camerupt was never viable in the RSE OU metagame, and still remains non usable despite the passage of...
  6. Gen 3 ADV Viability Ranking (OU)

    Cloyster does not belong on this list. He is UU, BL at best. I think his inclusion is a classic case of revisionist history, a case of residual impact of the XY generation. I personally Cloyster has perpetually been overrated every single generation. Dugtrio needs to be dropped to B. Camerupt...
  7. Pokémon Charizard

    That EV spread is beyond terrible. 170/124/216 Adamant nets you 6 extra HP with same stats all around. If you go Jolly Charizard X, make sure you hit 300 speed, otherwise it is a waste of Nature. Adamant will always be more efficient in terms of EV spread.
  8. ~Sloth~ (Trick Room Team)

    Your trick room team is most likely not going to work well in OU; Trick room in OU should depend on trick room users that can go out with a bang ie Trickroom and Explosion. Your sweepers lacks sweeping power and can be walled somewhat easily. You either need very powerful physical or special...
  9. ''How did that happen??''- Rising to The Top with a team you do not see everyday...

    You seem to be operating under the wrong assumption that your opponents are stupid (ie using Fake Out vs Crobat). Hypnosis is only 66% accurate with Wide Lense; a lot of lead runs Lum Berry and is capable of heavily damaging/1HKOing Crobat. After the first miss/or Lum Berry activation, the...
  10. Smogon Tournament #6 Registrations

    In as sub?
  11. Gen 2 NB 0.97 is up

  12. Gen 3 Metagross Discussion

    I like SubAgility gross
  13. Gen 3 Rate my (way too) Overused Team

    31 spd/30 rest for Salamence please
  14. Gen 3 my team

    Hey; its the team that I battled today. I would just drop the whole Missy trapping thing.
  15. Gen 3 wait... nb isnt dead yet? RMT

    Try a Flygon/Claydol or Milotic
  16. Gen 3 So what's not to love on this team?

    Don't let CB Rock Slide ruin your fun. Passing speed without Atk to Tar generally won't float. You pay think that you are getting a surprise kill, but you are essentially sacrificing one Pokemon (Ninjask).
  17. Is It Considered Cheating?

    Guide = No modification to the game No modification = not cheating
  18. Gen 3 My old BP team, not bog-standard

    You seem to think that +2 speed Octillery or Nidoking would sweep. I really only see one very frail speed pass chain. There is no BP in this team.
  19. Gen 3 Time to share this awesome team I've been using

    Solid team with very defensive OU pokemons. I am not sure if you can handle timid Raikou easily; Celebi is a shaky counter not at full HP. Boah/CBTar is a easy switch in into quite a few pokemon, but you have very solid counter for it. With a team with emphasis on defense; a loss of a wall will...
  20. Gen 3 My Competitive team needs some help!

    Ignore Gamefaq; its made of fail. If you are looking for a restalker; use Snorlax. If this competitive team is for netbattle, I suggest you remake. If its for battles against your friends, its fine.