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  1. Teru_XD

    Gen 8 Trade Thread

    Hi, everyone! Since I've found myself with plenty of free time, I have decided to once again open a Trade Thread here on Smogon. This is primarily to offer quality trades in return for Shield exclusives, some of which I am currently missing. I currently own Pokémon Sword, reason for which I...
  2. Teru_XD

    My Gen 7 Trade Thread

    So, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm back! For this new thread, I decided to go back to basics and only post what I have in stock. My selection is rather small right now, but I'll keep adding stuff along the way. As in my previous thread, I'll only be offering breedables, and they will...
  3. Teru_XD

    My New Trade Thread

    Introduction After about a year trading in Smogon, I realized that my Trade Thread was falling into disrepair. In fact, it is currently a total mess! This is when I started working behind the scenes in a new one. However, I'm changing focus this time around: Instead of trading shinies or...
  4. Teru_XD

    The Little Seed That Could [COMPLETE]

    Ok, so I've been thinking of doing another giveaway for a while now, and couldn't settle on a specific 'mon to give away. After weeks of deliberating, I thought I should give away something not easily bred. That's when I decided to breed this to give away: Budew OT: Pancake (62540)...
  5. Teru_XD

    Giveaway: Eggs with Shiny Values! (Level Ball Magikarps added!)

    So, I've been trying to get a shiny Charmander for weeks through Masuda breeding. Today, my friends, Lady Luck has smiled upon me! While breeding for it, I decided to store the perfect non-shinies as eggs to determine their shiny value later and see if any of my friends had any luck. They...
  6. Teru_XD

    My Trade Thread

    Moving to a new thread. Mods, if you see this, close this thread. I'm making this Trade Thread just to list the Pokémon I have that are available for trade. I don't tend to do breeding requests, but you should ask if there's no stock of something you want. I'll list the Pokémon I have...