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  1. Asuya

    ORAS OU The Banned Chronicles Part 5 "Cold Water Is Inconceivable"

    art created by njnp INTRO Hello, I am Asuya, and this is the 5th part of the rmt series "Banned Chronicles", I am joining njnp and Snowtop on their endeavor to post quality rmt’s during our banned period. This is a team originally created by njnp, cosine180 and Snowtop in...
  2. Asuya

    Team Italy WCOP Logo

    Perhaps a bit 'late, but our graphic gave up at the last minute. If any of you could do the logo for Team Italy in this World Cup I'd be really grateful. Ideally a full size logo, an avatar and then a signature too (or at least just one of them). I was thinking of something with a fighting type...
  3. Asuya

    Apocalypse Desire

    INTRO Hello everyone, Weirdishitsux here. Many of you don't know me so let me take this opportunity to introduce myself: I am Italian, and I have played competitively since 2009. I have won countless tournaments in Italy and my favourite tier is BW OU. Some know me as Asuya and I am currently...