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  1. Equal BST Metagame

    Can i make a suggestion? Since GF made the NFE's stats on a very very different scale to that of the pokemon we see in OU (like for instance having larger differences between base stats for each stat like HP and Atk), could this be applied to Basic/Baby pokemon and then separately for Stage 1...
  2. Equal BST Metagame

    I'd just like to point out that the fastest pokemon is MAGIKARP. I think that in itself raises more questions than anything else. Also, Defensively, Happiny outranks Chansey who manages to beat Blissey without Eviolite. Solosis beats out Duosion, while Reuniclus' Special attack is not even on...
  3. Technical Machine: A Pokemon bot

    That sounds great Obi. I've always wanted a way to competitively battle without having to fight someone else's pokemon. A computer is far less stressful. I cannot wait to find out how to make it work. Just one little question, though. I've studied a bit of basic coding, and read up on a bit of...
  4. Technical Machine: A Pokemon bot

    You really got something cool here, Obi. I'm wondering one thing, though. Since this will be implemented in the current simulator (or whichever is current at the time you finish), will it affect rankings? Or can i just practice against it a million times and not have to worry about dropping many...
  5. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Everyone knows i have complete and utter control over the Scramble thread, and I say it needs to be known as The Scramble Challange. Change it back, kk? Before i send my MEP army after you. ;)
  6. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Then just use the other restrictions. Edit: never mind. And no one follows rules on the Internet. LOL
  7. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Treadshot's back! IAR, take the traded Basculin, call it "HardHead". It's use it's head too much, and now gets a headache every time. So, it may not use any head-based attacks (head smash, take down, that sorta move). Oh, and you have to use it to solo at least 3 wild Woobats/Swoobats or 3...
  8. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    After the 7th gym. Forgot to mention that, sorry. Oh, and must be TASTY candy. ;)
  9. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Smaug, get to Goldenrod with whatever you want, then take the Eevee. Call it "Xenonbine". This Eevee is evil, and it seeks to kill all animal-based Pokemon. That means, things like Growlithe, Staryu, anything based on a real animal. But it refuses to fight anything non-animal based, so run from...
  10. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Damn. Was hoping to see you suicide your Gardevoir. Oh well. Take the same Gardevoir, but without the dying part. You now have to chuck out 1 TM for each gym you beat, plus the one the Leader gives you. That is all.
  11. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Take a Ralts, caught the route before Petalburg, where Wally catches his first pokemon. This Ralts is a psychic and a killer. It wishes to void the world of Zigzagoons, after Wally used one to catch her best friend. Hence, it must deliver the finishing blows to all Zigzagoons you encounter...
  12. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Posting to say that whoever does not vote for me as the meanest scrambler will be obligated by official scramble law to take a "<lv.30 MEP" or equivalently annoying challange, and not use a Pokemon Center at all, in their next challenge. [/completely serious post] [/troll]
  13. Challenge The Scramble Challange

  14. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Take a Mono Ghost Yamask. That is all. :)
  15. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Random, your Cottonee cannot use STAB moves, and it must solo any grass types you see. When it evolves, it still has no STAB, but doesn't have to solo anything.
  16. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Go Sapphire, and take a Ralts called "Decyze". It's one of my signature RSE Ralts, so it may never exceed level 45 (i'm being generous here). Solo Wally at the end of Victory Road. If you use items during this battle, you may NOT use Decyze in the E4 and champion battles.
  17. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Skwog, theres no gift like a Tentacool to show your friend just how much you give him "MindShadow" the Tentacool. Firstly, It hates all other water types, that's why it's been so often featured in games. It's just better than other water types. So have it solo every Pokemon whenever...
  18. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    I'm just in character. Y'know, acting the part. That and I'm ecstatic after getting good results in all my exams, so I am a bit hyper right now I suppose.
  19. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Trivia question: if there are three New Zealanders, how many Mareep does this thread have? ;) @Vratix: you've given out challenges that aren't called Awesome. :P anyways, I have authoritative power because I am TREADSHOT A1, RULER OF MEPS EVERYWHERE! Random has the OP, so he has power by...
  20. Challenge The Scramble Challange

    Read the OP, you broke one of the cardinal rules. You may not rip off someone else's signature challenge, including closely related variations/parodies thereof. I mean, if you gave ke a MEP, I wouldn't let you assign me stuff either. And only Random and I are of enough authoritative power to...